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Which RC shock absorber Fanatec V1 brake mod

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by super kermit, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. super kermit

    super kermit


    I have seen many mods of the V1 pedals using RC shock absorbers on the brake.

    Looking on ebay

    which specific shocks should I go for?

    From these forums people have been using Mugen on the V2, should I use the same and mod my V1?




    is there a best mounting method/position?

    what type of oil?


    Also any others mods to the V1 pedals worth considering?

  2. Bitacaia



    The mod i have made to my pedals, was to replace the brake rubber. I used a skate truck rubber (88A), cut them to fit inside of the hole. It was required to put some spacers inside as well. What i have now, is just 3 to 4 grads of rotation of the brake pedal. Now i can apply better the pressure on the brake because is not a combination of rotation+pressure, like before.
    With this config, i can modulate the pressure much better. But that is my personal taste. And for making "heel and toe" works better for me, too.

    After this mod, i played with the linearity of the pedal in game. I was getting to much pressure in beginning of the rotation of the pedal. In iRacing i could play with the value to better fit with the car (the Porsche). In Assetto, i never felt the need for playing with this.

    Note2: Put grease inside... Otherwise you will feel the rubber scrub the housing and that is annoying...

    For me, this RC spring mod makes no sense, since i barely have movement on the pedal.
    Just my 2 Cents

    Tiago Viana