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Which ram and Mobo?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Niels Pedersen, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Hiya,

    I'm on the edge of buying new ram and a new mobo - what kind should i buy?

    I want kingston ram, but, ddr2/3?
    and HOW many can my winvista handle? i want it maxxed out.

    Got a 550w psu, and a 1gb Ati 4670

    I am on a HP t3810.sc
  2. which version of do you have?
    32 or 64 bit
    and will you be buying also a new processor?

    I was able to dig around and your current pc can hold a maximum of 8gb
    if not mistaken the motherboard right now has 4 slots....so you can check 4 * 2 gb for maximum usage if you want
    but if you are running 32 bit, windows will only then read a maximum of 3 gb (64 bit can read more than 3 gb)

  3. I have 32 bit, but considering buying win7 64 - will i have any problems with the transition of programs?

    Which ram should i buy? ddr2 or ddr3?

    And yes, i am considering a new processor, but again, which one? i have an AMD dual 64 init atm. :)
  4. Can you post your full specifications of your system please, then we can tell you if you need DDR2 or DDR3.

    Best manufacturers for ram are, Corsair, OCZ, Geil to name just 3.
  5. by seeing the specs in the link that I have, you must buy a ddr2 set
    a DDR2 PC2-6400 or DDR2 PC2-8500 or DDR2 PC2-5300 type only
    as manufacture...Damian said the best ones in the game (kingston is also not bad)

    after some more digging
    something in Swedish for you about installing new processor

    but it is best to let us know the full specs of your pc so we can help

    as for going to windows 7 64 bit, be prepare to make a full backup for pictures, music email contacts on outlook etc, as going from a 32bit to a 64 bit requires a full clean installation. this means that the installation will remove any data that you have on the destined hard drive
  6. Windows Vista 32b
    PSU; Corsair 550w
    Graphics; Ati Radeon HD4670 Club3D
    Processor; AMD Athlon x2 64
    Mobo; Asus M2N68-LA

    Everything else is unknown, it's a factory bought PC.

    What is the fastest, and most solid of those ram variants?

    Ps. I am NOT a big spender on this front, and i only have about 2000DKK(£240) at service atm (christmashopping, speakers etc) So i want some good, but cheap quality, that is better than my current, maybe i have to save some moneys?
  7. You need DDR2 ram and it's allot cheaper then £240! More around £30/£50, but then again DDR2 has started to go up in price now like DDR1 did when DDR2 started to take over (DDR3 is starting to take over now)

    But get Windows 7 64bit and then get 4gb I guess.

    But it would be nice to know what your current ram is before showing you some new stuff to pick.

    Run CPU-Z and show screenshot of memory and spd section, also take pic of the CPU section please

  8. The £240 is overall budget atm. :)
    - If, i get a new mobo, wouldn't it be better to invest in ddr3 ram then?

    Pictures of 'em all :)

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  9. well you can
    but with AMD you can just update the Bios of the motherboard and buy a new CPU and add 2GB extra of ram, which comes cheaper
    right now switching to ddr3 won't make any significant improvement over ddr2 (i might be mistaken here)
    I might be wrong here as I have no experience with AMD sockets, but if not mistaken you can buy any AMD cpu right now and it should fit?...(someone please correct me here as this is what I read a long time ago)

    but listen also to what damian has to say
  10. I would get a new CPU & Ram, ditch your old ram as it's slow for today's world.

    Will post links later.
  11. But the mobo wouldn't affect the performance, as it's that i want to upgrade, because i have a slight feeling my cpu kills the performance - guidance to buy here aswell.

    And, if i want it idle silent, is that the chassis fans that needs a replacement?

    Btw. all this is because i want to play COD-MW2
  12. A cpu / ram upgrade will be better then a mobo / ram upgrade.

    Let me find out more info on your board so I can pick parts that will work with it.
  13. Actually it's best you get a complete new Mobo, Ram and CPU! easy get all that for £250 hold on.
  14. droool .... quadcore i can read?
    Can i keep the old ram, or should they suffer the mighty bin?
    Think this is a buyer - alot of money is to be spent now along with new speakers too :D

    - Do they ship out of country, i don't think those are components to be bought in denmark.

    And how about the PSU, i recently bought a Corsair 550w - will it be able to power it?
  15. Your DDR2 won't work, you need the DDR3. The Corsiar PSU will handle it perfect, it's a great PSU! And yup quad core!

    Dunno if they ship abroad, you know a online store in your country?
  16. we have something called www.edbpriser.dk which finds the cheapest store, if the store is signed with the site.
    - But i couldn't find the CPU, and haven't tried with the other products.
  17. Hmm ok, is there any other stores?

    Look for Phenom II X3 & X4 to.
  18. If you cannot get it online, your local store should be able to order them in...for 250 I may just buy that bundle.