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Which Racing Wheel To Get?

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Smtung, May 27, 2016.

Which racing wheel should i get?

Poll closed Aug 27, 2016.
  1. Logitech Driving Force GT

    3 vote(s)
  2. Logitech G27

    7 vote(s)
  3. Logitech G29

    5 vote(s)
  4. Thrustmaster T300RS With F1 Addon

    17 vote(s)
  1. Hey guys! Since F1 2016 is coming out soon and with F1 2015 being released for about 9 months, i can quietly declare that i still do not have a racing wheel. So even though i have the F1 2015 game, i can't play it cause it doesn't support the logitech wireless gamepad F710 sadly... I am looking to get a cheap / affordable wheel but its good and has pedal shifts. So which one should i get?
  2. Is F1 2016 your sole priority or do you have interest in other racers?

    As far as i understand it, the Thrustmaster is the best, but most expensive option among the ones you listed.
    Also i had some durability issues with Thrustmaster in the past, so i'm afraid of going back(i have a G27 currently).

    The G27 is suppousedly just as good as the G29 in terms of FFB but a lot cheaper.
    With that said, i have very big problems with the ergonomy of the G27 and the Codemasters radial in car menu, they are just not made for each other...
    The G29 with more buttons on the wheel would be better i think (my deceased Thrustmaster F430 was better in this department as well).

    For other games the ergonomy isn't a issue, only with Codemasters radial menu it's a problem.
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  3. Whatever you do, dont get a g920. They **** up so easily, and wont connect/calibrate
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  4. Hmmm i would say F1 games / Euro Truck Simulator. I want a wheel that has like good FFB and that's cheap hahahahh. What u mean by "i have very big problems with the ergonomy of the G27 and the Codemasters radial in car menu?"
  5. Codemasters uses a radial menu to change engine/brake/tire settings from inside the car.
    That menu is designed to be easy to use with the PS4/Xbox controller, easiest way to set it up it's to put it in the d-pad (it's the default setting), the problem is the d-pad on the G27 is located next to the gear lever(behind it effectively) and it's tough to reach and change settings while your driving fast.

    You can reconfigure and use the buttons on the wheel itself for that, but it's still tough to find space for everything you need in 6 buttons(thankfully Kers is no longer a button that made things a little easier), it's always compromised and uninituitive imo.

    Other sims, Automobilista, Rfactor, Raceroom don't have this problem because they adopt simple +/- menus, Codemasters radial style just doesn't suit the G27 nicely.
  6. Nick Milton

    Nick Milton
    Premium Race Ban

    pedals and wheel
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  7. Thrustmaster TX with T3PA pro

    Can feel every bump in the road and also mega smooth compared to the gear driven logitech G27/29 which is loud and jitters a lot.

    Thanks to JamesU for recommending them to me
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  8. I have the T300RS with the F1 wheel add-on and I can absolutely recommend this wheel. I also had the G27 wheel, but in terms of FFB the T300RS wins by a mile. The FFB of the T300RS is so much more smooth and like @Craig Cameron said, you can feel every bump on the road.

    I'm not using the standard T300RS pedals (they are quite clumsy) but I'm using the G27 pedals. Good combination in my opinion.
  9. Hahahhh thanks for your recommendation! But seems like i have to stick with the G27 cos my budget is quite low though and i live in Singapore hence things there are much more expensive.
  10. If you ever have the money, just get the T300 base and keep the G27 pedals. It's a good combo!
  11. Maybe will consider it after a few years hahahahh!
  12. I think TX base is pretty similar. I got mine pretty cheap from Alza It comes with a European 2-pin plug but you can get an adaptor cheaply. You would also need an adaptor for the G27 to the Thrustmaster base. (you would need that adaptor if you were mixing Logitech and Thrustmaster)
  13. Living in Singapore yo HAHAHAH
  14. Oh alright, maybe not. Shipping might be about 10 billion $$$ then. :p
  15. Possibly more. HAHAH :p :p
  16. Hello!
    I was wondering if somebody could give some advice for a new wheel and pedals (pc) .I have very old lg momo wheel,which I used to play with many years ago.
    Now im about to buy new wheel,but im simply confused which wheel to buy.I have googled a lot,and it seems that every good wheel is around 300 euros(?) Im casual player with racing games(mostly now the new f1 2016) so the wheel should/could be a budget wheel.Not cheap,not too expensive.
    Is there any "good enough" wheel around 200 euros (150-300€) ?
    Any advice is appreciated!
  17. realitychecked


    Get a second-hand Logitech G27 from Amazon like I did.
  18. Ok.That is something to consider at.
    How about Thrustmaster 150t or thrustmaster tmx? Cheaper than Thrustmaster t 300 rs or Logitech g 29/logitech 920. Which one is the "best" of these wheels?
  19. Can somebody help me a little? I have this old logitech momo,and I have no idea what is good wheel these days. Is thrustmaster tmx or t150 good for casual player? Or should I just buy T300 RS? Only 100€ difference in prize (abou180 and 300€)
    I guess I can`t go wrong with T300 rs..
  20. If you can easily return it for RMA, should you have issues, then get the T300. Its a great wheel, liked it better than my G27. But it broke down on me just after 2 weeks, so ive had difficulty sending it in from Asia.