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which pedal set to use with tx wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by mcnasty1, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. mcnasty1


    Bout to order a tx wheel and was going to get the three pedal set up thrustmasters offer instead of using the two pedal one it comes with..heard they were pretty cheap. Anyways are there other pedal sets that will work with the tx.like the club sport fanatecs? Amd which do u guys prefer.thanks
  2. The Clubsport pedals will work because they plug in via seperate USB. I can heartily recommend a set of T500rs pedals if you can source a secondhand set.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Are you only running on PC?

    Any usb standalone pedalset will of course work then.

    Me personally I preferred the T500RS pedals with bushings over the CSP V2. Particularly since I don´t care about clutch as a left foot braker. If I would use that frequently maybe my preferrance would slightly sweep over to the clubsports :)
  4. jimortality

    Premium Member

    I managed to get a set of T500 pedals and they are great.
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  5. mcnasty1


    Thanks for all the replys ..its for the xbox one..tx only wheel not that that is a bad thing.just comes with plastic pedal set..if the ts500 set will work im going try to find those.but prob only afford the set below those cant remember name right off. Found those for 92.00.
  6. mcnasty1


    Just pre order project cars !!! When is f1 2015 going to be avaible to order?
    Cant wait to get thos all set up.going to be miles better than my worn out m/s wireless.although its been a good wheel loose bearing and all.
  7. I liked the T500RS pedals, but overall I felt they weren't as good as the G27 pedals, because they're spaced too far apart. They're invert-able, so you can have the position like most real cars, and the T3PA pedals can't be inverted. However the T3PA has a more realistic feeling brake pedal with the included 'realistic brake mod'.
    The warranty, similar price, similar performance and probably a longer life would sway things for me. I'd buy a new T3PA pedal set over a used T500RS pedal set.

    To Thrustmaster I'd say (if I could!):
    Why not bundle a 'drift pack' together for the same price as the T500RS? Include the shifter and T3PA pedals as standard with the TX and T300 base. A small extra cost to you, but a large saving to gamers that want three better pedals and a shifter.
  8. mcnasty1


    Yea i h we ld off on tge pedals for now.but the t3pa is prob. The way il go when ready.havent used much but the pedals it comes with r very decent. Esp. Compared to my m/s pedals..good feel and resistance. .making my ghetto fabulous cockpit now..threw something together for my m/s wheel and its worked out great so far.next auestion anyway I can use this wheel on my 360?
  9. For the Xbox One you will need to get the Thrustmaster pedals or get a CPX adapter from Basherboards to connect Fanatec pedals. That is the combo that I have, although now I pretty much only race on PC so don't use the CPX adapter at the moment.