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Which new wheel to buy ?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Christos Andritsoudis, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Hi,
    Currently, I use a G27 with fanatec clubsport v2 pedals. I am looking for a new wheel but I am very confused and I need advice. The fanatec clubsport v2 base looks great and I like it but is it really worth it for its pricetag? (750 € + 250 € for the BMW M3 GT2 Rim = very expensive )
    The next one is Thrustmaster. Should I buy the TX wheel or the T500rs or the T300rs ?
    Please tell me your opinion...
  2. It depends on your budget and your current sim gear. From what I've read the csw would be a really great wheel, far better from the others. Its the last step before a direct drive wheel . I would only worry for the fanatec after sales service but to be honest it seems like issues from the past.
    Between the T500rs and the t300 I'd say go for the 300 since you have a decent set of pedals, probably better than the T500rs ones. The ffb is a bit smoother although quite similar between the two. You can also make a choice od your seld with the base option without wheels, pedals etc and select your own rim from the thrustmaster ecosystem or even aftermarket.
    I upgraded from g25 to t500rs+th8rs and the difference is huge. I would also keep in mind to see if I can redirect my budget to upgrade shifter as well. From g27 to a th8a/rs or even better fanatec cs shifter it's night and day as well..
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  3. Ok thanks. I think I will buy the T300rs. The fanatec is just too expensive
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  4. Robert Holliday

    Robert Holliday
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    The G29 is selling cheap as hell in Currys at the moment if you need a new wheel
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  5. But the guy wants to upgrade, not buy compatibility with consoles and pay premium what he already owns..
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  6. Good choice. Budget-wise, it's tough to justify the Fanatec when you're buying in Euros, though if you can find someone selling second-hand (they're upgrading to Accuforce or OSW), it could be a deal.

    And I say that as someone who recently replaced a G25 with a CSWv2 & BMW wheel... oh, but it's pretty! ;)
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  7. I do not like using used stuff. I will buy the t300rs because I do not want to spend that much money for a new wheel. The next step would be an accuforce wheel for me. The Clubsport is too overpriced I think ( although I love fanatec and their high quality products ) But thanks for the advice mate :)
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  8. Have also in mind an osw (diy or kit) for the future. Right now even the small midge motor seems to behave better than the AF at the same if not cheaper price point. And if you can go DD then an asking price of 1000+€ starts look tempting and well worth the investment. Anyways, t300 will be a nice step up for now!
  9. It is a looong time till then :) but thanks
  10. I only bought last year the T500rs after almost a decade of cheap wheels and 2 or 3 years with the g25 . Entering the high end gear you simply start upgrading and ask for more.You were willing to pay 1000€ if you thought it was worth it after all. So don't be so sure it will be really long way ahead your next step!

    Now have fun with the new wheel!
  11. jimortality


    I've had a TX for 18 months and it's been great no issues and a very solid wheel