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PC Which four other Ferrari's will be included?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Requiem84, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Take an estimated guess and give arguments instead of personal

    I would imagine one modern F1 car, as that is extremely important for sales

    One historical road car, an Icon, F40 perhaps.

    60's F1 car to compete with the Lotus

    GT car to compete with the BMW.
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  2. 458 GT3, F40, 250 GTO for sure 100% and hopefully at least one of V10 F1 cars
  3. I would love one of the old Ferraris with clutch and H-box
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  4. I would imagine that the F40 would have to be one of the cars. The 458 in FVA is, IMO, one of the best sim cars ever made so I can't wait to try it in AC.

    The 250 GTO and a modern F1 car would seem like sure things also, but I guess we will have to wait a few months and see.
  5. The F458 is probably my favorite current Ferrari, so I'm happy with that, and I really hope one of the other 4 is an F40, the Zonda R needs some competition. :D
  6. Ferrari 312 to compete against Lotus Type 49:)

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  7. You will need the FXX to touch the Zonda R :)
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  8. The F40, by today's standards, will get assasinated by a common Corvette on a racetrack, and I'm not talking about the Z07 or the ZR1 PDE...

    Still, an astonishing car, even today. You just can't compare different era's, even the 80's slow pokes (Well, exluding the F40 and 959 like supercars) had their own amazing flavor :)
  9. CCX

    AC Physics: Mini | Koenigsegg One:1

    My hopes:
    • 250 GTO
    • F40
    • F2004
    • 312
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  10. This post nails it. Looking at that pic brings back memories of driving the 312 at Isle of Man in GPL. So much fun.
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  11. I pretty much agree with that and for the "GT" car the FXX or 599XX would be absolutely mindblowing amazing.
  12. My guesses, probably wrong lol.

    Road cars,
    Ferrari Enzo
    Ferrari 458 Italia

    Race cars,
    458 GT3 FIA 2012 or GT2 from ALMS.
    Ferrari F40
    Ferrari F1 (new or old)
  13. Ferrari F430 - thats for sure
    Ferrari FF or Ferrari F12berlinetta
    Ferrari FXX
    Ferrari Testarossa

    and some race models, its too many of them to guess :D
  14. Mapu

    Premium Member

    The direction of my guess in "Assetto Corsa Latest News & Discussion" about possible race cars couldn't be all too wrong. :whistling:
  15. Ferrari's F2004:

    One of the last chassis from the V-10 era.
    15 wins from 18 races.
    Fastest F1 car of all time.

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  16. 333sp
    F12 berlinetta
    and 250 GTO

    more or less the only ferrari cars I like :whistling:
  17. Hi everyone!
    Been lurking here for a while, but this time I couldn't resist joining the speculation party :p

    Since P4/5 Competizione is basically 430 GT2, IN MY OPINION there is no need for another Ferrari of this type, considering how many other fantastic ferraris there are and that we can only have 5.
    458 is the best performing modern Ferrari road car so everything else will feel slow and heavy - that's why IMO one modern Ferrari is enough.

    F40 (maybe F40 LM) is basically a must, I think there's no need to argue about it.

    F1 cars - I think we need at least one old and one new model. I wouldn't mind F10, since guys already have it modelled.
    As for older cars - really hard choice... maybe 312T, because it won so many races, or 641.

    I would reserve one slot for either 250GTO, 250 Testarossa or 330 P3/4 and I would probably choose the latter.

    And that makes it 5, sadly... I wish we could have one more, like this little beast with high-revving V12 (skip to 2:20) http://msn.foxsports.com/topics/m/video/23312560/victory-by-design-ferrari-f333-sp.htm
  18. One FR road car (F599, F12?)
    F458 GT
    1 or 2 other mid-engine race cars maybe historic.

    That's what I would pick.

    We will see :)
  19. CCX

    AC Physics: Mini | Koenigsegg One:1

    I think we might get some more road cars as future DLC. Most of the 5 will likely be racing cars.
  20. Gilles' F312 T4
    F40 Testarossa

    these are must-have.

    They're going to shut up and take my money only for these.