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Which file do i edit to change AI players name?

Discussion in 'MotoGP 16' started by Alpha Male, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Which file do i edit to change AI players name?
  2. Here the same thing :/ :D
  3. hey guys you must says something more specific,what you refer to? the names of the riders are in menu mix there are files .zts depends of your language and can edit this files with esadecimal progs,pay attencion to respect the lines to prevent game crashs, if you change a name more long than the other
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  4. How do i give an ai a yamaha r1m to ride?

    I know if i edit pilot.bml i could change their bike to "Top_Elaboration" to give them the best bike but i can't seem to get them to ride a Ducati Panigale Race version or a Yamaha R1M :(
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  5. mmmhhhhh it's little bit difficoult, couse you know of the roster files. suggestion is to search in db vehicles if you can import yama r1 m in motogp roster, with bml prog search in db files and natural also in gfxgem files, i think first you must add the bike to motogp and then addedd to rider it's only a suggestion not garanted good resoult
  6. Thanks bro i will look into it.