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Which cars do you most like to drive?

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Senad Subasic, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. F1600

  2. F1800

  3. F2000

  4. FTarget

  5. Formula KS2

  6. Abarth 500 AC

  7. Osella PA-21S

  8. Vintage GT

  9. Vintage Replica GT

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I enjoy netkar, and would like to race it more. Let's see what cars are the most popular, and if there are clear favourites, we can try to have more events with those.

    I actually enjoy pretty much all of them, except the fastest open wheelers :D

    For me, F1600 and, to a lesser extent, F1800 are the most rewarding cars to drive. Tricky, but awesome when you're doing it right.
    The closest and most fun racing I've had was in the Abarth, Vintage and Osella.

    Gonna limit myself to three choices, so F1600, Abarth and Vintage.
  2. FTarget for sure, and F2000. Maybe F1800 if both are too fast you :)
  3. ks2 here hehe :p
    If ppl help me out with setup of other cars then i might join there to,
    Just for the support ;)
  4. Going great so far, 7 votes, all for different cars :D
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  5. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller
    Premium Member

    Nice thread. I like the f target and f 2000 and osella and arbath and with a good setup the ks2 and when the tyres are hot the f1600 and f1800 oh and dont forget the vintage when im chilled enough. I think thats all of them. Which doesn't help really.
  6. I enjoy driving the majority of the cars, especially the Formula cars with warm tyres. The only car I've never felt comfortable driving is the Osella.
  7. Shelby Daytona ... the driffter;)
  8. I'm surprised the Osella isn't getting much love. I assumed that was one of the more popular ones :D
  9. F2k, FTarget, 1600, Vintage GT. Osella is ok on small tracks, just feels a bit truck-like and the sound sucks. Don't get me started on the that bloody Abarth!
  10. LOL, heya Daniel, still not liking the FF/RR Abarth handling I see :D
  11. Vintage REPLICA GT is a lot better than 'stock' one. Has slicks, 6 speed gearbox and is also great to drifting/slides. If I will must choose, i will select REPLICA

    EDIT; You have right Senad :)
  12. I think you mean the Vintage Replica GT :p

    Not a fan myself, too similar to a modern race car. I like the original, I'm a GT Legends driver after all :D
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  13. maybe for narrow tracks like Magione ... but in wider tracks the Replica is no good for slides and almost impossible to drift ... unless you mess up with the car setup:)
  14. Point is, what do you want to do. Struggle for first place or sliding at every corner. I just like to fight with a car, slide a bit at the exit of turn. I think Replica are perfect for this kind of drive. Very nice compromise between grip and lack of traction
  15. I find it almost undriveable. Difficult to hold a slide, or correct fishtailing. When it snaps, it's gone.
  16. For sure i dont want to struggle for 1st place ... thats not the point of the people who love to drive the Vintage ... at least the ones i know:) .. all i want is to enjoy the ride and feel the FFB on the G27... specially when step on the gaz on turn exit:thumbsup: ... if i can have a close race even better!
  17. 6 cars with 6 votes each ... very close race
  18. Yeah, I noticed yesterday. And the two best cars have the fewest votes :p

    EDIT: KS2 in the lead with 7. I'm quite surprised.
  19. I'm in love with the Osella, enjoy driving this car so much, pity there is very little online activity as I miss it.

    My top 3 would be in this order:

    1. Osella
    2. Abarth 500 AC
    3. F2000

    Not that I don't like the others, I enjoy them too, but I am slow with them (since I'm a noob!) and keep spinning if I push hard and thus it becomes frustrating...

    But with the first 2 above, I can fly :)
  20. Im not ... well ... actually i am ... i was thinking he will be lapping everyother cars by now ... but very interesting votes ... keep voting:thumbsup: