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Which car would you like to see in the game ?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Steve Watts, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Is there any particular car you were dissapointed when you realised it wasnt in the game ? if so what is it and what are your reasons for wanting it. Do you think there will be an DLC or Update with it in ? Im just curious to here people opinions. Personally an escort cosworth would be nice:wink:.
  2. Some more modern supercars (Koenigsegg, Ascari, Gumpert, Radical)

    And some more motorsport classes (with perhaps 1 car), like GP2, Formula Ford

    And I would really like to see some more rally cars (current S2000 cars, some S1600 cars, and I miss an group B Audi Quattro)
  3. Yep, some more rally cars would be nice, on the other hand physics on gravel and snow are rubbish, so the rally cars would be of little use.

    As weird as it sounds I'd like to see some bigger vehicles. They're slower, heavier etc., but I just like the idea of a humongous engine pushing a large pickup sideways, just for ****s and giggles :D.
    In general the selection of the cars is nice, but I'd like to see all of the standard cars redone someday, so they would finally look good. Also - Porsches. I still keep my fingers crossed hoping to see this brand in GT5 as a DLC maybe.
  4. You think it's rubbish???

    I think it's second besides RBR! I find it very good, and I have done quite a bit of offroad (and snow lately) driving and it feels very realistic to me.

    And I want the newer Holdens (and the Maloo Ute :D) because they sound so awesome. V8 Supercars would be nice aswell.
  5. indycar so you could actually race the real indy 500 :)
  6. Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Contach, Lamborghini Diablo, Red Bull RB6 (F1 car), Ferrari F50, Ferrari 355. The first 2 are in the game but both are standard models, which really just isnt the same. A few more i could probably list but those are the first that come to mind.
  7. Hmm, apart from the WRC cars, which feel pretty decent on gravel, there is no sense of the car "biting into" the loose surface. Maybe it's the track design or something about my driving, but when I drove, for example, the Delta S4, it just couldn't get the traction nor grip, and I'm talking about the rubber-surface contact, not excessive power. And I'm comparing it straight to RBR (which I'm launching as we speak, to clarify).

    Rallying in GT5 is worthless in general, I'm affraid to say. Track design is pitiful, the co-pilot is more an obstacle than any help, the standing start is annoying the way it's handled. It's a bit better than what I remember from GT2, but it still has miles to go before being actually enjoyable.

    That being said I'd like to see some better rallying in GT series. Only Toscana in C4 WRC and partially the Eiger track are the highlights of it, but they ain't perfect either (damn invisible walls! That's not how rallying is supposed to look like!).
  8. More aussie cars we only have 3. And two of them are crappy holdens.
  9. More real tracks!
  10. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover


    More cars from the 30's to 60's