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Where to put steering wheel?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Superman, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. I've been looking to get a steering wheel for a while now but the only complication is where to put it so that it's secure while I'm playing.

    My ps3 is attached to the lounge TV and so I want something that I can fold away each night or they'll be trouble from the mrs.

    I saw something on amazon that I can use on the sofa but it didn't get good reviews. Is there a good table from Argos or something that you guys use as we don't have a high coffee table.

    Ps the steering wheel is Ferrari GT which I guess will work
  2. That looks like a good option but at £90 it would have to wait a while to save up.

    I was looking for something cheaper but did a job.
  3. In addition, I'm getting more and more confused about the support provided for the steering wheel 'Ferrari GT Experience' for PS3.

    Does anyone use this setup? If so does it work ok?
  4. [useless post warning]

    In front of you is usually a good start..

    [/end of useless post]
  5. Of course, there's the original and trusted old steed usually employed by the common house wife.... An Ironing Board.

    It's my preferred choice for a budget steering wheel mount anyway. :)
  6. Thanks, that might be the best solution.

    Just need to get the wheel now - CM have confirmed that the wheel should work.
  7. don't buy a 'Ferrari GT Experience' wheel as i have it for my pc and all it does is lock up all the time, im driving ok then all of a sudden i get a lock on the steering wheel and it wont steer causing me to crash, i have lost loads of races because of this and it's pissing me off, ive even tried to go into settings and tried changing a few things but it always happen so my advise would be DON'T BUY.......unless there is a solution out there?????
  8. You should really buy that wheel stand pro for logitech, it's awesome...
  9. Ive been using my ikea table and a flat pack style chair. Cheap yet does the job (really well) and the seated position feels more autentic than some setups ive seen (fairly low and flat)

    Buy a lack (£5) and some sturdy cheap chair that is fairly lowish. Put a couple of bits under 2 of the legs of the lack to angle it slightly so that you can get your legs under it. Job done hehe.

  10. The wheel and the ironing board works a treat!

    Just need to get a bit better with my braking and turn in.