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Where to find files?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by FlufferT, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. New to GSC, but am used to rFactor. Does anyone know where the folowing files are stored?
    *.rfm files per mod, *.scn for each location?
  2. Shawdad

    PSN ID: Shawdad

    Those files are encrypted for GSC.
  3. Oh, okay thanks. A bit of a pain not having access to these - I assume then that it's the same for vehicle *.hdv files?
  4. Go to the mods section and download Ferrarimans unofficial championship creator.
    It will automatically create an aos file for you, which is the same as an rfm file. You can then edit that instead so at least you can create your seasons.
  5. Thanks Keith, I'll give that a try.
  6. I tried using the season creator.... and it never listed the tracks to chose for the season. Where should I put the bat file for best results?
  7. If I remember, you have to edit the config file to put the right location for your GSC folder.
    If it still doesn't work, check the properties of the shortcut that came with the season creator, I think it has ferrariman's hard drive location in there so it wont work till you correct it. At least, it was something along those lines. If you still have problems, I'll take a look when I'm next at my game pc.
  8. I downloaded the champ creator, which worked firt time, but I still have a problem with picking up the correct talent files, e.g. Caca Bueno has two talent files - one for StockCar and one for F3 or Kart (can't remember which).

    I've created a season for stock cars and noticed the wrong talent file is being selected. Normally, I would more fully qualify the pathname in the .rfm file DriversDir=GAMEDATA\TALENT\StockV8\ to ensure a specific mod always picked up the correct files, but as the .rfm files are encrypted I can't do this.

    I tried to add the above path to the championship file created, but this doesn't seem to get recognised. The only option I can see is to change the names for the respective .veh files for each mod and change the talent files to match.

    Can anyone suggest any other options?
  9. Any help would be appreciated Keith.
  10. First, make sure the config file in the custom championship creator folder is set to your main GSC folder

    Second, when you have unzipped the championship creator file, go into that folder and right click on the Championship Creator shortcut. Click on properties.
    Make sure the target path is correct for the creator program.
    Make sure the Start in line is also correct for the creator program.

    NOTE - I think the zip file extracts to
    GSC2013 Championship Creator v1.20

    but the two lines above are saying Championship Creator (the v1.20 is missing), so you must make sure the paths are correct and are spelt the same.

    It should not matter where the program is located.
    I have GSC on my D drive, and the creator on my D drive in a different folder and it works fine.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2014
  11. Just to add, I just downloaded the creator again to test.
    I changed the config line, then amended the two paths in the shortcut to show the location of the creator , and it worked fine.
  12. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium

    The rfms will be available in the next update, to help you with setting up these.
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  13. That is fantastic news Alex, thanks :)
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  14. Thanks Keith, Problem was in the path for the shortcut. Got ti sorted and working great.