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Where to buy the expansion pack only DVD

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Valentijn Scholten, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    The full version is on sale online all over the place, the GTR-E expansion not.

    Anyone seen it yet in europe for a normal price?

    It's on Amazon USA, but they won't deliver in europe.

    It's on amazon.DE as well, but overpriced.

    I can off source buy it from steam, but I really want the box on my shelve!

  2. Here in the U.K retailers where advertising the the GTR Evo Expansion Pack prior to the release date but nearer to the release date the expansion disappeared from these sites.

    Now the usual retailers i look at have only the bundle version so im not sure even if the expansion pack on it's own got a U.K release ?

    I cant imagine though there being a great deal of difference in the price though so might just be better getting the bundle to be honest
  3. Out of sheer desparation I thought I'd resort to buying it from Steam, but I'm buggered if I can find it available in £'s with the option to pay with my Switch/Maestro debit card. All I see is $'s. Does anybody know what I'm supposed to do?
  4. You can pay through Paypal with a Switch/Maestro in $ but it will be automatically converted to pounds when it comes off your card, there is no way to pay in pounds on Steam.

    If you dont have an account at Paypal you will have to set one up first and im afraid you have to wait a little while for this to be processed as they place two small amounts into your account to verify your details it usually take around 5 days for it to be setup.

    Alternatively see if a a friend has an account and give him/her the money
  5. Hi Grant, I've now actually decided to buy the full (incl. Race07) disc version as I can give my original Race07 to a friend (he won't mind if I screw up his race online with my clumsiness). But I'll keep that info in mind for next time, so thanks. This is probably the first time where buying a game has required more time and effort than actually playing the thing.
  6. I want to do the same, I have ordered fuill version. I think we have to get in touch with Steam to have the race 07 (old) key disconnected from our account in order to have the friend use it again online. Anybody ever did such a thing?
  7. The issue with the Steam keys i have not done personally but have seen a post about contacting Steam so that seems the best way to go and see what they say ?

    Would be good to post on here their answer out of curiosity if nothing else :)
  8. I don't know if it's a hard and fast rule but, apparently cd keys are none transferable. Note, I haven't actually bothered to check this out but it was mentioned on the steam official forum. If it is the case then I suppose buying the game secondhand would be pointless unless you intend playing offline only. Oh, and I have today sent this same question to steam support although my last question regarding GTREvo expansion was ignored! It's like trying to have a conversation with my dad, cheers steam!
  9. Yep. As I suspected I got the reply and cd keys are not transferable. I have to admit to being a little annoyed at that. Boo! Still, at least they replied that time.
  10. I think it's s shame, because I have two licenses, but can't play 2 at the same time now because both are linked to my steam account.
  11. Figures just another example of companies making more money by forcing you into purchasing something new rather then second hand as i cant see why keys can not be transfered if the user transfering specifies to which Steam account it wll be transferred.

    Oh well it is always about greed with companies so this comes as no major shock :rolleyes: