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Where to buy STCC - The Game?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mitja Bonca, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. As far as I know, the game will be available to buy (orignial DVD) only in Sweden! Anyone knows where, or at which store (maybe online store)?

    ... btw, I know it will be available for downloading on Steam!
  2. But it`s all in swedish language, or am I wrong?
  3. The box may be Swedish - but the hand book and the game itself should be in English - when you install the game it should ask you what language you want to install it in - so you can just select English or whatever you want
  4. It's all English basically. The manual, the game and all it's in-game content etc. Just a quick start brochure inside the box is in Swedish, and I guess some text on the outside of the box if even that.

    There's no Swedish option when installing.
  5. I like it.....

    Do anyone know when will Steam release STCC?, I am waiting to buy this game.

  6. I also want to buy it and also the gtr evo, but i dont find it on any shop.
    Anyone knows?
  7. GTR Evolution you can buy on Steam, just and download, simple.
  8. STCC the game in stores now...... what freaking stores

    been looking for the game at stores here in sweden, and i cant find it anywhere. Not even the store "elgiganten" who had ads for the game had a single copy of the full STCC game or the expansion version of it. And steam only has the demo listed, this blows :mmph:
  9. Do these stores send items abroad?
  10. That's what I'm doing, nice and easy that way. :thumb:
  11. Probably cheaper too. :D

  12. I've got it at Elgiganten but had to ask for it.
  13. I would be more than happy to import a copy in show of support for Simbin, but the sites that are offering it don't offer an English page, so I have no idea what i'm reading, or if they even ship to the U.S.

    The only English site that's offering it, which is Megastore seems to be out of stock, so that does me no good either.

    Looks like I'll be waiting for Steam, which seems to like to take their time.

  14. Got the game at Statoil (gas station)

    Odd as it sounds, i finally got Hold of Stcc the game at my local statoil gas station today. So check Statoil if u live in sweden and have a hard time finding the game. It's the full version DVD of stcc the game. It is 7$ more expensive than the expansion, but i'm more than happy pay for it :thumb:
  15. Wow Lasse, - that's both unexpected and not. In fact..without Statoil stations, I'm sure 'ol Sweden would simply stop functioning, right?

    Oh yeah..-and they have petrol too....:tongue1:
  16. Non-Swedes might have a chance

    PC City has this information under the headline PC City - PC City - 0771-116 116 (Delivery methods and freight costs):

    Leverans till adress utanför Sverige
    Om du är bosatt utanför Sverige eller vill ha varan sänt till en annan adress utanför Sverige så önskar vi att du tar kontakt med ett av våra bolag i koncernen, eftersom PC City Sverige AB inte levererar utanför Sveriges gränser.

    Delivery to adresses outside Sweden
    If you are not living in Sweden or if you wish to have the merchandice sent to an adress not situated in Sweden we ask you to get in contact with a vendor within our group of companies as PC City Sweden Corporated do not deliver beyond the Swedish territory.

    United Kingdom/Storbritannien - www.pcworld.co.uk
    Spain/Spanien - www.pccity.es
    Italy/Italien - www.pccity.it

    Good Luck!:)