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where is the WC Highlights?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, May 15, 2013.

  1. hi usually i do my highlights after the WC Highlights is made and sometimes before the WS but the World Championship highlights isnt up yet is there a problem with the program i dont know
  2. I'm not sure myself. I have sent Johannes my recordings and the script, but he could have been busy with work and thus unable to upload them yet. Hopefully they will be out before this weekend's races at Monaco, but until then all we can do is wait patiently.
  3. ok thanks
  4. Also waiting for Post-Race checks for WT
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  5. again where are they for canada this time?
  6. again, where is your patience?

    I heard that Scott who was writing the script has written over 3000 words, which obviously takes a while. Also, as the race had a lot of action, it will take more time to create the highlights. ALSO, Scott has been more busy so might not have had time to do the commentary yet as he has been working on his own podcast.
  7. For the record, all the recording is done and it along with the script has already been sent to Johannes. He has been working on the video and fingers crossed it should be out either today or Monday at some point. Bradley is right, I have been busier since starting my own podcast and what have you, amongst other things, but I will get to work on the script for Silverstone's highlights. tomorrow
  8. Ron Squire Why you didnt race today Ron? We missed you

  9. the connection my end went haywire and wasnt able to make it in time
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  10. Is the race edit for WC Silverstone gonna be out soon?
  11. i have a feeling it will be out before the WC race on the day again now i think its a fixed schedule to release it before race on race day which we are not used to, which i might change next year
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  12. seriously where is the highlights for silverstone and bradley if you reply to this saying that i am impatient and i will say i am being impatient because we are not used to seeing the highlights from the last round just before the race of the succeeding round
  13. seriously Ron, you are the only one who repeatedly puts up such public requests, I know you sort of have an idea how much work goes into them, but maybe you don´t know what it´s like combining things with a heavy dayjob.

    To everyone else I apologize for the delay, I got the script already some time ago from Scott and was planing to have the video done earlier, however my workload unfortunately rapidly went up the last 2 weeks causing me to work through last weekend and several extra hours every day. I am working on the video and it´s gonna be done soon, however taking into account that it takes about 4 hours rendering it wont be out before the WC race tonight unfortunately.
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  14. Seriously I think you should be the last one to ask where is any highlights video...
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  15. :(
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  16. You are doing awesome job, just ignore the impatient guys here. (he is only one)
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  17. ok i understand
  18. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    No one else of the community isn't bothered by the delay of the highlights, so why you? You should take care of your own highlights as well.

    Also, thread closed? :D
  19. look i am sorry for being impatient its just used to having the highlights late this time round so i do apologise and yes i should take care of my highights but unfortunetly its stopped due to the fact that certai events have stopped me doing them, so yeea i do apologise and yes tuomas lets close this thread
  20. Just for you Ron!

    FormulaSimRacing uploaded a video 48 seconds ago
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