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Where can i find GUID?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by bejvalo, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Hi, i tried setup server with reserverd slot. I would like have slots for my friend with their skins. In entrylist i see some GUID. can i use for it? for reserved slot? and where can i find my GUID? thx for help and sry for my englis.
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  2. Jempy


    Go to your Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs ...
    Open the log file with Notepad, you'll find this long number on 4th line with the name:
    Steam Community ID.

    This Steam Community ID may also be found in Steam window, Community Tab ... even to find this number for your friends, except if they chose a private profile propriety for their Steam Account.
  3. thx jean-pierre
  4. Easiest way to do this through Steam is to go to the top menu, then Steam>Settings>Interface. From that window look for "Display Steam URL...", and check the box.

    Now when you look at someone's profile, his GUID should be displayed near the top.

    If it's not there, for whatever reason, then you need to ask the person you want to add to look in his race.ini file.

  5. hi. i know where can i find GUID now. thank you. but second problem is in entry list. i configured it with this parametr:

    SKIN=bejvalo (my skin)
    GUID=114567892 (GUID)

    and my skin isnt function. i did only one time. but i tryed put more skins for my friend and nothnig. can you help me pls?
  6. Jempy


    Welll !
    - first, what kind of server do you wish: pickup mode or prebooking ?? ... in both cases, your entry_list is not correctly filled !
    - for a pickup mode: entry_list has to be that way:
    but with pickup mode, you cannot choose your own skin on track, 1st entering gets 1st skin of entry_list, 2nd entering server 2nd skin of the list, etc ....

    - for a prebooked one that way:
    The skins will only be visible for all if installed on your PC, server and friends PC ...
  7. Actually, for pickup mode all you need is the initial brackets, model, and skin:


    And really, if you have a long entry list with names and the whole bit, simply enabling pickup mode will do the trick, without changing a thing. Everything is skipped except the model and skin.

    Not true. There are no skins nor are there cars on a server. There are only tracks and even then only the surfaces.ini is needed. To see skins you need to have them on your computer (if hosting, for example), as do all clients.

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