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Where can I find Anton's physics mod?

Discussion in 'DiRT 4' started by Erik B, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Erik B

    Erik B

    I'm mostly finding removed posts and links to deleted videos. I understand it's a paid mod, but how do I buy it? Or was it all a scam?

    It would be great if anyone who has tried the mod could give some info on it.
  2. christoph1954


    It is on U-tube

    I don´t know anything about "scam"
    I bought it for 5bucks and it works great - of course it´s a cheating device as you can change nearly every physics parameter - but I think it is written with great programming knowledge.
    As I gave up playing dirt4 there is nothing to loose for me, so I just tested it for fun offline.