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Where are the icons from New Tracks gone on the forum?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pangaea, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Hi folks, long time no see :) .. hope you are all well.
    Like the look of the new forum design, but its very confusing
    On the New Tracks Page:
    I dont see any indication anymore on what game each track is for... Wasn't there a little icon or text before? I forget. Perhaps there is a setting on the forum I am missing?

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  2. You aren't going crazy or anything, I've noticed the same thing :p

    From memory they disappeared when RD changed hosts and everything. Maybe there is a setting, I'm not sure though...
  3. yea.. its quite annoying.. ive downloaded a load of tracks that where for rf or others.. when i meant to download for rbr..
    Ive also noticed ALOT of the internal to racedept tracks linking from the "new tracks" section wont link to the files themselves since the site has been changed..

    I guess perhaps i might start using nogrip to download rbr tracks.

    Perhaps if folks put [RBR] or [RF], etc etc before the titles of the new tracks.

    Another thing i noted was theres a hell of alot of tracks in the "New track section" that are WIP and dont even have download links.. heh

    ps. martinez can you re-upload your poland shakedown

    pss. can anyone recommend me any nice tarmac rbr tracks (with download links)

    later all :)

    anyway ill stop moaning now ;)
  4. fiddle stix!! nogrip dont even have an rbr download section anymore :((
  5. I concur, using a [game title] prefix would be nice (my WIPs are from the old forum when it was different system...) And there is a lot of new tracks that aren't anywhere near of completion... Use the WIP as a track building thread, going straight to new will decrease the answers to problems.. I don't check "new" section too often but "WIP" section i do check daily.