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Where are the Custom Wheel settings stored?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Greg Pugliese, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. I'm using RaceDepartment mod that slews your view left and right when you turn, but it only works when you use one of the hardware-specific profiles, i.e. Fanatec Porsche Wheel, Logitech G25 Wheel, etc. To get my Clubsport Pedals to work with F1 2010, I have to use the Custom Wheel option, which the mod does not seem to make changes to. I want to copy the view-slewing commands from the mod-supplied hardware config xmls into the xml that controls the Custom Wheel config, but I can't find it anywhere. When I choose Custom Wheel and set my axes, save the profile and exit, I cannot find any file that has changed (neither in the game directory nor in the My Docs\My Games\Formula One\ folder either). So anybody know where this info is stored?
  2. You should find it in F1 2010\actionmap\G25 Racing Wheel USB.xml
  3. What mod are you using from RRD???
  4. Sorry, misread your post .. I had the same problem when I tried the 'head turn focus effect' .. similar to the TrackIR.
    It only worked on the default G25 settings and that wasn't good enough for me so I ordered the TrackIR 5 :D
  5. Where are the Custom Wheel settings stored?

    In the savegame files, where they are encrypted and impossible to edit.
  6. I actually have a TIR5 but find it slightly distracting to move my head on each turn; it feels more natural to me to just have the sim do it on its own. So I really want to get this thing working!
  7. EDIT: Reread your first post and I think your peddles should work this way.Worth a shot.

    Heres what ya can do to get all your wheel to work with all buttons remaped .

    Change the name to
    Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB in the registry

    VID and PID number maybe a little different but just pick the one which you have already changed or the only one that shows the name of your wheel below.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\CurrentControlSet\Control \MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\VI D_046D&PID_C293

    And you can remap controls yourself in the .xml file(in the action maps folder)

    In order to figure out what button does what on your wheel after you changed the name in the registry , download Poswdm here or at the wingmanteam site.

    For left and right head movement you need to edit these two buttons, ares marked in red is the correct mapping.

    <Action actionName = "Steer Left" >
    <Axis axisName = "win_con_di_axisX" deviceName = "Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB" baseCalibration = "biDirectionalLower" deadZone = "0.0" saturation = "1.0"/>
    <Action actionName = "Steer Right" >
    <Axis axisName = "win_con_di_axisX" deviceName = "Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB" baseCalibration = "biDirectionalUpper" deadZone = "0.0" saturation = "1.0"/>

    Also you may want to change maxheadlook in camera files,depending on with cam you are using.
    T-cam should lower to 8-10.
  8. gerard, wow, thanks, that's exactly what I need! I haven't given it a try yet, but came to almost the same conclusion yesterday after reading lots and lots of forum posts about all this. I was just dreading the idea of having to trial-and-error my way through figuring out which button did what and then finding its function name in the xml -- but it sounds like this Poswdm will do exactly that! Looking forward to giving it a try this weekend -- will report back when I do.
  9. gerard, just wanted to thank you again for the suggestions. Actually I didn't need to mess with registry settings because the latest version of the mod includes files for the Fanatec Porsche Wheel, so all I had to do was use Poswdm to set my commands in the xml and I'm good to go -- the one downside is that it doesn't seem these controller-specific xml's allow multiple controllers to be used ... so whereas before I had my Porsche Wheel and Clubsport Pedals using different USB connections, and the 'Custom' config supported that, when I use the Fanatec Porsche Wheel profile I have to wire the pedals thru the wheel to get the game to recognize them. Oh well.