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When is the Next Update? Assetto Corsa

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Rikki Jenkins, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. So, NE1 have a guess when they plan to release the next update from 4.1?
  2. The 17th
  3. Thanks m8...

  4. Chris James

    Chris James

    It's gonna be a long week.
  5. Should start getting FB teases about what's coming
  6. Chris James

    Chris James

    I'm hoping for some more of the GT field, or that American car pack they've been promising us.
  7. American car pack? trolling or serious?
  8. Chris James

    Chris James

    Not serious, but hopefully not "trolling" either. Just joking. Or wishing.
  9. Hopefully there are some talented modders out there that love American Iron also. I bet there will be a Lotus of some sort in the update.
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  10. Chris James

    Chris James

    Won't mind that. AC's Lotuses are surprisingly good. I just can't wait for Kunos to get around to doing a Vette, Mustang, Viper, Camaro, Challenger, the list is endless. The sim is so fascinating with what cars they have already released, I would love for those cars to get the Kunos treatment, especially if they release the production versions along with racing versions, like they seem to be doing with everything else.
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  11. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    If it is then then I hope it's either the T125 or the 98T
  12. Simone (Kunos track builder) was telling me about the 98T...I'm already scared of it just from a few sentences he told me. So many people are going to be complaining about how "broken" that car is if it drives anywhere near what he was describing.

    Here is what he had to say:
    The 98T is completely different from the 49, It's a REAL bitch. Ground effect starts after 60 miles per hour but it's more effective on the front, so the car must be set up with more wing on the back, otherwise you'll oversteer at high speed (not safe). This makes the car VEEERY underseery at low speed, but IMMEDIATELY oversteery as the turbo kicks. At high speed, the ground effect sucks the car into always more downforce (the lower the car the more ground effect, the more ground effect the lower the car)... UNTIL it stalls, most of the times because you touch the ground, and you loose grip immediately.
    At the end: you take a bend at 100 and you understeer because you don't have enough grip, you take it at 110 and you overdrive the tyres >>> understeer, you take it at 105 and you're on the rails... always with an engine that is DEAD under 8k rpm and has the limiter at 11k (or 13k in qualify setup). Have fun. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Aris has said that the old addage a car isn't hard to drive until you drive it fast goes out the window with this beast.
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  13. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Sounds like fun! Haha it'll be good have a beast to tame.

  14. Even in a semi-sim like F1 2013 i thought those turbo charged Lotuses were dogs, the Turbo lag is a bitch.
    In a game where most cars are pretty easy to drive, you hit the throttle, it feels like there's good grip... and then the power kicks in and you are in "no man's land".

    And that is in a game that doesn't have half of the details you just pointed out...
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  15. Lazarou


    Don't tease me about the 98T one of my favorite F1 car's. They were real man's cars not like the junior formula we have today they have too much grip and not enough power. It will be a long week if that is coming Friday, Check out Neils driving one if rfactor. He is knackered!

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  16. Hoping for any sort of A.I implementation, MP4-12C GT3, T125 and NurburgringGP. Yes, please?:D:D
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  17. I like how he mentions that the turbo's not even being simulated there... it always kicks in extra power at the exact same rpm. Which is at least predictable.

    AC's is gonna come on when it feels like it.

    As for modders making American cars... yeah, I hope so. I might contribute to that if Kunos don't announce something soon. Thinking maybe an 87 Firebird (exact year & trim level depending where I can find good info).
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  18. New update... and not only my wish :)

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  19. looking good ;)

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  20. I bet we will be able to drive against AI with the formula abarth at monza. Well, seems like a very safe bet. :D
    I also hope, that we will get Nurburgring GP, but I do think, that this track is not yet laserscanned?!