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When is a race a 'wet' Race?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by imacken, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Can someone explain to me what constitutes a wet race in F1 2010?
    Let me give you an example of why I'm confused.
    I'm currently doing Singapore (20%) in my season. The race starts dry, I'm on Options. I pit on lap 4, put on primes. Around lap 8 (out of 12) it rains a lot. If I stay on Primes, I can't drive. I pit for wets, no-one else does, and I end up last (from 6th)!
    Now, if I restart the race and select to change to wets instead of primes in the race strategy, even though it is pouring, I still get the disqualification for not changing to the 2 (dry) compounds!
    No matter, what I do I can't retain my position.
    When does a race get called as 'wet' so that you don't have to change tyres?
  2. I think the CM version wet race is when it rains and everybody pits for Inters or Wets. Now as many of the ai still don't bother to pit in a dry race, and they can happily drive around at normal speed on dry tires on a soaking wet track, your guess is as good as mine.
    You could try waiting for your engineer to tell you to change to Inters or Wets, but the chances are the dumb idiot will forget until the end of the race.
  3. I got same situation, all you have to do is stay out, the car is very hard to drive also for others, i did 5 rounds on wet whit Hamilton on my back but if you menage to stay on track the opponet will not pass , depending on the circuit, the best way is to brake early and stay in the the middel never push to much be very gentle.
    About the engineer don't trust him.
    I was in SPA during practice session started under eavy rain then it went away during the session i used intermediete tyres and i was much faster but he told me to change tyres to heavy, and at the end it was still wet but made some laps on prime and i was much more faster.
    It's a really difficult but in race you should see how much yuo lose to choose what tyres use and usually if they told you to swich from slick to rain is the right move otherwise go on.
    Kind Regards
  4. Thanks for that. The problem is that, as I said in the first post, if I change to wet tyres (and it's pouring!) I still have to change to primes otherwise I'm disqualified.
    I wonder if there is ever a time when the race is declared as being 'wet' or is this just another case of the irritations that seriously hinder the enjoyment of this game.
  5. yeah , it's really stupid tha AI doesn't pit in wet racez
  6. Never had that problem....

    I usually keep driving too long on my dry tires when it starts raining in lap 8 (of 12 also) of the race.
  7. Yes, but what do you do about a pit stop?
  8. Hi
    Sorry i don't get well first time my english isn't so good, you should read Fia F1 official rules , this is a case for lawyers alsmost, we should know the FIA F1 rules before sayng that is a game problem , remember that some rules are very stupids.
    All i can tell you is my guess, in my view if a race is declared as dry you have to use anyway the two compaunds, and if start rain during race you can change them but only after.
    Kinds Regards
  9. FIA rules are quite clear on tyre use -
    "25.4-e (Use of tyres ): Unless he has used intermediate or wet-weather tyres during the race, each driver must use at least one set of each specification of dry-weather tyres during the race."

    Codemasters obviously have their own rules.
  10. Hi thanks
    The only thing that is not clear is if this rule must be applied on races declared as dry.
    let me make an exemple Charlie Whiting states that race is dry.
    1) I' start on soft , after 10 rounds it start rain i swich to rain and i'm disqualified.
    2) I' start on soft , after 10 rounds it start rain i must change on hard , then make a round and then swich to rain.
    If is true the n° 2 who wrote the rules is more idiot than what alredy they demonstrated whit the stupidity of tests limitation and engines and worst of all no more warm up on sunday morning.
    Kinds Reagards
  11. No, you've got it wrong.
    1) If you start on soft and it rains and you change to wet you will not be disqualified in real life. However, you will be in this game and that is my point.
    2) Again, this is what happens in this game, but not in real life.
    Not sure if I'm misunderstanding you, but your points are exactly what I am moaning about IN THIS GAME. The real life rule works very differently.
  12. The interesting thing is that I do 100% races and in Monaco I started on the Primes, it rained after 8 laps so I went to Inters, it stopped raining and dried out by lap 30. I then decided that the Options wouldn't last the rest of the race so I went from the Inter back to the Primes and finished the race.
    Valencia, I started on Options, it rained so I switched to Inters and finished the race on them.
    Both times I had no problems from the CM Stewards. Career mode, started after the patch, doing 100% races.

    In F1 the Steward decides if the practice sessions are wet or dry. In the race the teams decide whether to use Inters or Wets at any stage of the race. The only time you must put Wets on is if the race is started behind the Safety Car - something that can't happen in the game because CM didn't bother with the Safety Car.
  13. hi all, i've got a silly question... but how do you switch tyre choice during a race? for example if its raining, then stops and track dries out, how do i select slicks when in the pit? i'm running on ps3 with dualshock controller
  14. Sorry my english is really bad , i got your point now.
    I was intrested becasue i couldn't believe that in real life it could be so stupid, about the game all i can say is let's hope that F1 2011 will be better.
    Thanks so much for explanation.
  15. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Haven't seen this problem on Xbox. Had a career race which started dry so I was on primes, it started to rain so I switched to inters and then it stopped raining and although the ai stopped for new tyres I didn't and went on to win the race with no penalty for not using the options.

    With regard to how to change the tyre type you want at a pit stop use the in car option for engine mapping / aero / tyres. On the Xbox I use the d-pad to choose what I want. Not sure how it works with Platstation and PC though.
  16. A race is deemed as a "wet" race if it rains from the beginning. If when you line up on the grid it is already raining, then it is considered a wet race, and you won't be obliged to start with your dry compounds. If conditions get better during the race, then you should switch to your dry tyres, but you're not forced to.

    When a race starts "dry", you must start with your dry compounds. Even if it starts raining in lap 2, you have to use both your dry compounds at some point in the race. It has happened to me before, where a race starts dry and midway through it begins to rain. Firstly you can check this via your computer, to see the probability of rain. If it's rather high, I tend to adjust my car setup so that it can cope well in the rain without spinning out at every corner, and if it becomes absolutely necessary, I'll pit in for wet/intermediates if it becomes too hard to handle.

    Hope that helps you mate.

    I don't know about PS3, but for PC, on the lap you request to pit in, press down on the D-pad, and that should select Tyres, then you should have all your Tyre options there. Should be the same for PS3
  17. Well i am in my 3rd season, i have had many races which start dry then rain or start wet and dry out, i have never received a penalty for not selecting both dry compounds in any of those races, even if i started on options then onto wets and back onto options there has been no penalty, its almost like as long as you make a pit stop and change onto a different Tyre during a race with wet/dry conditions you do not get penalized.

    The only time it does penalize you is in a full dry race, but as has been mentioned the AI seem to please themselves what they do Tyre wise and they never seem to suffer with a lack of grip like you do when driving round on slick Tyres on a wet track and i know for a fact that some AI cars pit and some dont, it seems very random to me and those that dont pit or seem to pit way after you had to pit before your tyres exploded just simply dont lose any pace on worn tyres.

    It seems to be a huge bug that CM cant seem to be fix for whatever reason.

    Having said all that however, the game is too easy for it to be a major problem as some races i have finished 30 seconds ahead of second place, and i have had races where i have made an extra pit stop and still won, oh well maybe 2011 will be more of a challenge.
  18. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Definitely didn't rain from the beginning in my race either, started dry, rained for part of the race and then was dry and I only changed from primes onto intermediates and stayed out while the other cars pitted... maybe it depends on the duration of the rain then.
  19. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    After reading this thread it's really funny to look at the game box and see IGN's quote:
    "CM gets the sport like no-one else has."
    Yes, they understand CM F1, but not real F1.
  20. I think, but not 100% sure, that the game has a few bugs that will never get patched.