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When are you faster?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ben Everard, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. In battle with another racer

    32 vote(s)
  2. Track all to myself

    58 vote(s)
  1. I have only had the game a few days now, and have spent a lot of my time on 'Nordschleife', I have noticed I seem to go faster if I am trying to keep / catch up with someone?

    What do you guys prefer? A chase, or an open road?

  2. I prefer to be fighting with others allways because it's more fun but i am way faster when i'm all alone with no pressure. Something i really need to work on...
  3. I am usually faster when directly racing another driver, mainly because if I am behind them I will look and push for opportunities to pass them, picking at their every slight mistake to get myself closer to them.

    As for when I am being chased by another racer, well nobody wants to give up their position do they ;)
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    In battle with another racer

    unfortunately thats not good. cos by the time ive had him the tyres usually have nothing left for the smooth rythmic driving i need to be fast on my own.
  5. Track all to myself

    When I am in battle avaec another concurent I make a lot of error. I not yours not for a long time in front of the pressure. lol lol
  6. I generally set the best lap times when I have the track (or at least my bit of it) to myself. That said, I get the most enjoyment out of chasing down and (hopefully) passing another driver of equal ability. The "cat and mouse" game of overtaking is what racing is all about for me. :D
  7. Always faster when chasing someone with a gap of around 1-3 seconds. Im quite good at following, and always lose concentration when Im on my own.
  8. I'm faster on my own but I really need to practice being in traffic. Not so much for figuring out when to pass someone but rather for how not to run someone else off the road. I'm new to all this so that's my biggest challenge right now.
  9. always faster out on my own or following by a few seconds...

    i seem to drive different lines on some types of corner to alot of guys out there so once i get within a second or so, their road positioning screws with my lines and i have to try to drive in their wheel tracks to avoid hitting them on corner exits (i tend to exagerate the wide entry fast exit style on long sweeping corners, i suck in traffic at brands hatch lol)
  10. Faster when i am alone, but the battles are more fun.
    I've experienced that when i'm driving last or almost last i drive the quickest. Mainly because then i feel the need to get to the one in front off me, and then you can't screw up, or you get back or get off the track.
  11. I am like that as well, but sometimes I push too hard and the gap between me and the guy in front increase :(
  12. Im faster when Im alone on the track, when I race online against other people I aint easy to overtake either, I make the car as wide as possible, but again that cost time. So, alone for sure
  13. I tend to be faster when I've just finished my 12th can of Stella Artois! (or so I think)
  14. In singleplayer on my own I drive great and pretty fast. In online races I usually just crash...
  15. I am much faster chasing than when I'm being chased
  16. In battle, I find it gives you better idea of breaking points.
  17. Lose too much time battling with other cars for positions overtaking each other and stuff but if am trying to catch a car in front or I have clear air I go faster naturally due to having the whole track to my self and push round it without any other cars interfearing.
  18. Either alone, but sometimes especially in races I put in my best laptimes when I am following somebody (e.g. after being lapped or due to pit stops) whom I know is significantly faster than me, so I know, I will not be able to overtake or catch up.
    Interesting enough I even do not pay deliberatly attention to their race line or braking points.

    When I have somebody in front of me or right behind me, who is 'my league' I tend to drive more carefully, doubt I am fast in those laps.
  19. I prefer a track all to myself, no distractions.
    Normally when I'm racing to catch, or overtake another driver, I push to hard, and eventually the tyres go too.
    But I see why you could go faster against another driver, slipstreaming as well. :)

  20. I kinda panic when other drivers are there, especially in races.

    So i love the new superpole thingy. :)