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wheelstand pro

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Tony Gentile, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hi there anyone using a wheelstand pro just got a g27 wheel and looking at maybe getting one whats your thoughts or is there something better I built a copy of the gamepod but could not hide it away easily?:)
  2. I bought a WSP for my Fanatec Gt2 and I really liked it, because it is so infinitely adjustable.

    With most pedal sets when folding, the center bar will usually hit one of the pedals, but can be clamped just before it hits. It does not seem very feasible to fold up with wheel and pedals attached. I don't ever fold mine, so I don't really know.

    What I can tell you I had no problems until I mounted my Fanatec Elite. It is about 40 or 50 % heavier. The way the quick release clamp/pole is cut away to 50% (to allow the bar to be squeezed together for infinite adjustments) at the horizontal pole, the strength is compromised and the extra weight of the Elite caused it to start cracking. I had to weld it and lose my adjustability.

    In WSP defense, they don't build a stand claiming Elite support.
    With the G27, you should not have any problems. I really like the fact it can be adjusted to any position, should you change chairs, wheels. Just use it for what it is designed for and you should be very happy. I think it carries at least a one year warranty, and the people that run the US site are very nice. Dale and Lucy.
  3. Hey Warren, Are the stage record times legit and up to date? Last night I was less than six seconds off from the stage record listed. It was Pika something in Japan. (tarmac) Don't add up. I just started. I think the stage record was 5:39xxx . I should be able to knock down 7 seconds on over Five and half min. with some more practice. :) Something must be wrong, or I am using a car that is not legit? I am not fast, even with your settings.

    Or our those times referring to real track times?
  4. This is waaaay off the original topic of this thread, best to start a new topic for something like this.

    However, just a quick answer, the default surface for Pirka Minoko is gravel, so the record would be on gravel only. Tarmac would be much faster.
  5. I use a wheelstandpro for some time now, finally I can put my shifter somewhere and everything sits gripped on it.

    If you put it on something that also grips(carpet) it won't slip(that's what the rubber at the bottom is for too). The wheelstand might move a bit if you turn your wheel very hard, but recommend it especially when you don't have that much space in your room for a big race seat. You can also change the position of the pedals, so you can left-foot brake or heel-toe, etc.

    Also, it's rather easy to make it disappear, try that with a seat:p But I am not going to put mine under the bed, it's always ready to use;)
  6. Hi David thanks for that had a look at pagnian imports a link of this page thanks to Warren had a peak this unit looks to be the one I might purchase as I have tried to purchase a wheelstand pro in New Zealand without much luck,also Pagnian imports can send it to me overnight thats cool looks real stable cheers.:sneaky:
  7. It's waaaay more solid and stable, also allows better access for your feet to the pedals.
    Hess from Pagnian is a top guy to deal with too, very helpful and efficient.
    It's a bit more expensive but I think you'll find it better in the long run and will handle any wheel upgrades for the future if you go that way. ;)
  8. Me and Jonny once spent a week-end fashioning a rather ugly sim with a rally seat, pedal box, wheel etc, we then put up a projector for full wall size projection.... I drove for ooooooo 3mins a had to stop cos it made me 'car-sick' lmao. I now just clamp the wheel to my desk and welded the rally seat to a an office chair, swapped the chair wheels for some 6mm bolts so it dosent move. works great.
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  9. got the wheelstand its real solid and no flex also no upright for wheel between ya legs fully adjustable excellent finish
    :):) One happy customer:):)
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  10. Hi everyone. I made my self one WSP by myself fey years ago and coste me about 20 euro at the end. It` great stand. Here`s pic.[​IMG]