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Wheels and pit

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by loma28, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Hi, at Spa pit strategy was 2 pitstop by default, but in game engineer calls me back to pit just after 2 laps, so that I had to make 4 pits in entire race. A little bit too much ,I think.
    Does it depend on tires I used in qualify, maybe?
    btw how is the rule with tires? at the start of the race do I have same set of tires used in qualify?
    so that if i do many laps in qualify, I will have worner tires in race?
    I don't know very well this kind of rules in real F1 and even less in this Game.
    Thank-you all
  2. I think you are supposed start with your tires used for your Q2 fastest lap.
  3. That is correct, only if you make it into Q3 (top 10). Otherwise you have a free choice of tyres to use for the start of the race.
  4. ok thank-you but I race 50% with short qualify. Do you know how works in this way? Is it the same ?
  5. Sorry, no idea. I only do full qualifying
  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Assuming Parc Ferme is ON in your options :_

    Then it should be the tyres that you set your fastest lap on, if you qualified in the top 10.

    Outside of the top 10 you can pick any tyres you want for the race start
  7. Just to clarify that point, if he made it into the top 10, he will start with the tyres he used to set his fastest lap in Q2.
  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    There is no Q2 in short qualifying, there is only one session :)
  9. Oh, didn't know that's how short qualifying works. Thought it would be like long qualifying, but like half the time for Q1, Q2, Q3.
  10. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    Yeah it works like this, assuming Parc Ferme is ON :-

    One Shot Qualifying = One hot lap using options, where you start out on track and take control of the car

    Short Qualifying = One qualifying session (20 mins?), start in the garage, go out as often as you want, using whatever tyres you want - Start race on the tyres you did the fastest lap on

    Standard Full Qualifying = Q1, Q2, Q3 - Race on tyres that set the fastest lap in Q2

    Some say that in full qualifying, you didn't always get the correct Q2 tyres for the race. Whether that's true on not I don't know. If it was true, it may have been fixed now. This is why those that think there is a Q2 tyre bug might tend to use short qualifying

  11. Lol. That sums up the Codemasters patching standard. If it's in their changelog, there's a 50% chance that it's been fixed, and a 50% chance that it broke many other things.

    I only know about one-shot quali because I took part in a league that ran with it with F1 2013, otherwise I wouldn't even know what that was exactly either.

    Full quali I know obviously, but I haven't actually qualified either in a long time because the AI is so slow that you can just start from the back and give yourself a challenge.