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Wheel to get for F1 2015 (PC)

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Smtung, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Logitech - Driving Force GT

  2. Logitech - G27

  3. Ferrari - GT

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  4. Ferrari - 458

  1. I am planning to get a cheap but good wheel to play F1 2015 on PC. Any idea which one should i get? I am looking for good force feedback and pedal shifts.
  2. Probably Logitech gt. You can buy the butterfly shifters for it separately. Had a couple of acquintences who used Ferrari GT and after 1,5 year the wheel died. And they were carefully using it , cleaning it. I don't have any experience with the 458 but I'm sure that the quality is the same (meaning it's just as bad )
    The g27 isn't a cheap one ,even if you buy it second hand, it's still pretty expensive. Depends on who's selling it. Most people overprices their belongings quite often.

    Moreover I don't have any experience with G27 either. I had 2 G25's . I had to sell both of them cause of financial problems, I kinda regret it now cause it was a very well built wheel and I loved it , especially the force feedback of it, I have to say it's much more durable than it's new version .
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  3. I still have my first Logitech Momo wheel. Then G25 and it is excellent wheel, many hours on my pc, them I got G27, G25 went to ps3. G27 is amazing, the best quality for the price. But it is not the cheapest one. Now I`m using Fanatec CSR-199$, and CSR Pedals US - 79.99$. Fanatec is just superior in any way ( shipping is expensive) .
    I had positive experience with my 3 Logitech wheels ( and they are still working ).
    Good luck.:)
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  4. DFGT is great for the price; pedals work fine but have weak springs. Piece of foam or squishy ball behind the break really helps. Also no clutch (not that you need one for F1).
    I'm still using my DFGT with Fanatec CSR Elite pedals.
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  5. Which one are you using currently? I was thinking of a G27 too but it's kind of expensive. Some shop sells them for $300+ in my country. Was also thinking of a Ferrari GT as it's cheap. Didn't know the quality is bad. HAHAH! Thanks though. :D
  6. Fanatec is very expensive in my opinion. What's the difference between G25 and G27? (I'm living in South East Asia. So shipping fees might be even worse due to high taxes)
  7. Sort of a mix and match kind of thing? Maybe DFGT or a G27. $$$ expensive though. For both.
  8. Nothing at the moment. I had a xbox controller but I sold that too. Now I'm left with a single keyboard. Don't really care much about it . I won't buy a wheel again till I upgrade my PC , because it can't even handle AC at the moment. I rather don't play the game without a wheel instead of playing it with a wheel while experiencing heavy laggs.
    As I've said DFGT is the best for it's price range. You can buy a butterfly shifter for it which is a must for F1 games. You won't even need clutch anyway for CM games, but it's a whole different story with another simulator games, so if you have intentions of using your wheel in AC or Project Cars then you should definitely buy a second hand g25.
  9. DFGT or one other good logitech wheel!! or you want spend more money and you can buy an thrustmaster wheel e.g. the TX or the T500 ...
  10. All right! Thanks! :D
  12. THANKS!!!
  13. You are welcome my friend.