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Wheel suggestions

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mrcheetos, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm a newbie to this forum (as you can tell), so sorry if this is in the wrong section, but as far as I can tell, I should be posting this in the right section.

    Anyway, I'm looking for some opinions from experienced racers on good racing wheels. I know the G25 is probably the best wheel, but I'm on a teenager's budget, and $300 is a little too much! :rotfl:

    I'm just getting into the sim racing scene, so, naturally, I just want to test the waters with a cheaper wheel to see how it feels. I've been a big fan of past games like Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, etc, but then GTR just takes the cake, it may not have the in-game customization features (Well, that I know of, I haven't fully explored the game yet) that the former have, but it's a lot of fun to play. I've just never played a racing game, save for games at the arcade, with a wheel.

    The MOMO racing wheel appeals to me the most, it's 200 bucks less, but what about the quality? I've read some reviews online about it, but I'd rather have an opinion straight from one of you guys.


    Thanks in advance.
  2. My advice, save your money and get the G25. You will not be sorry.

    I started with the MOMO, but the G25 is so far superior, there's no comparison.

    Beg, borrow, steal.....get the G25. Use a gamepad if you have to, but don't buy a cheap wheel. Wait until you can afford the G25 or try to find a used one on Ebay.

    G25 all the way.
  3. Wait for the G27 to come out then get the G25 like I am going to do... and a lot of other people are going to do hehe ;)
  4. I see. I've been using a 360 controller just because I'm so used to playing Forza with it.

    So, it's G25 or nothing, eh?

    I'll see if I can't find a reasonably priced one on Ebay.

    And I'll look into the G27.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. Everyone says "ooh, get G25" yet my first wheel was the Logitech Driving Force Pro which I still use and love. G25 has the clutch, better pedals, stronger FFB and 6-speed but for £50 I got myself a DFP. I'm not getting a G25 till it costs £100 as even that would take 3 months to get..
  6. I have the Logitech Driving Force GT and it's great, the pedal are not upto G25 standad and it doesnt have H shifter and clutch but apart from that it's rights up there with the mid range wheels and i only paid £60 for it :)
  7. I've been wondering about that. Does it make the loud noise the DFP does? Or does it use a belt drive thing?
  8. It does make a fair bit of noise, never used the dfp so can't compare, it's no more noise than the old MS sidewinder wheel or a thrustmaster f50 wheel a mate has makes though. Plus with the new drivers all the buttons work now even the little dial to adjust your brake bias :)
  9. All Logitech stuff = cogs
    Fanatec = belt, except the cheapest model, the Carrera which costs €129
    Some Thrustmasters have belts also, but I don't like Thrustmaster.
  10. I also started with the MOMO and now have a G25 and the improvement is massive. Also with the MOMO the throttle pedal was dodgy and wouldn't give full range so I had to use my CH Rudder pedals with the MOMO wheel to get full throttle in game lol.

    I think the G25 is definitely the way to go but also it's not necessary if you're buying your first wheel. Although if you're willing to spend the money I'd always get the best thing possible, because it would mean not having to upgrade again when you get better.
  11. I'll risk getting shot down but I'm using the Thrustmaster F430 wheel and I love it.

    Not sure what the $ price is but its about £70 over here.

    Its only got 270 deg of rotation, no clutch and no shifter but its light years ahead of a 360 controller.

    The wheel is an exact replica of the F430 version including the 5 point manettino switch and a load of other handy buttons. It also has a gorgeous ergonomic rubber finish. The flappy paddles are metal and extremely precise. The clamp is supposed to be a significant improvement on previous versions.

    The pedal unit is sturdy and the pedals have got decent resistance, esp the brake.

    Its no G25 but better than a Momo and considerably better than 360 controller.

  12. Looks like a pretty cool wheel. I'm actually a little jealous of that 5 point switcher. Very F1!
  13. Jon - you are dead right. You really feel like one of the F1 boys adjusting it mid-race!!
  14. That Thrustmaster is said to have a better feel than a G25 because it uses a belt. But it has some downsides and becaus eof that the price is low. (Like you said, no clutch, no h-gate)
  15. And of course no 900 degrees of rotation. I'd get a fanatec wheel if it wasn't for the darned Porsche licensing..
  16. Does the MS wheel or the Logitech Drive FX work for Race 07?
  17. I'm thinking about the Thrustmaster RGT Clutch edition as it has a clutch pedal and it's half as expensive as the G25. I know the DFP has better rotation but I miss the clutch pedal more. 270 degrees is still much better then my FF EX's rotation (180).
  18. Bought my G25 second-hand, still going strong. No issues at all. A strong, durable, reliable wheel, great FFB and rotation. Not to mention the value! Leather, shifter and 3 metal pedals.

    Need I say more? (Oh and great customer servic. Have an issue, just send it back. Good think you get to destroy the broken G25 to prove it >:D)
  19. You'd better buy the upcoming Fanatec Porsche Carrera wheel then.
    H-gate, clutch, 900deg for €130