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wheel/steering problems

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Andre Gravningsmyhr, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. I m not sure if its okey to open a new topic? if its not, i m sorry and just delete it...

    Hey everyone:) i have a issue with my wheel...
    Every time i turn left and back(neutral) the wheel/car is going slightly to the right....
    If i turn right and back(Neutal) the wheel/car is going slightly to the left :/

  2. Is it specific to nKP??
    If not; maybe consider posting in the hardware section. It will get more exposure there and could lead to a faster solution.

    What wheel is it? Is the calibration all ok (O.S. and in-game)?
  3. Hey :) I only use Netkar, nothing else. I m using G25 and just updated software and it set for my windows 64 bit. Calibration is okey, everything is working.

    my logitech profiler is:




    center spring off 0%


    and a loving game to adjust.

    Not sure what i could have done wrong in game.
    FFB on 0.300
  4. That is odd, i really can't imagine anything else but the software update mentioned being the cause.
    I have a G25 with Win7 64 bit and didn't need any special care when setting it up; only thing i remember was following the steps for the game calibration and defining the degrees of rotation...
    Maybe trying to uninstall the logitech software and starting over...