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wheel/steering problems Netkar

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Andre Gravningsmyhr, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. I m not sure if its okey to open a new topic? if its not, i m sorry and just delete it...

    Hey everyone:) i have a issue with my wheel...
    Every time i turn left and back(neutral) the wheel/car is going slightly to the right....
    If i turn right and back(Neutal) the wheel/car is going slightly to the left :/

    Using G25 wheel
  2. hey :) I only play Netkar :) I cant seem to find any controller.ini in netkar and it looks like they say in some forums that netkar dont have any :/
  3. To me this sounds more like an issue with your G25, related to the optical sensor. There is a small plastic trigger disc at the back of the sensor on the motor shaft, if that disc is loose on the shaft things like that can happen. This can be fixed very easy with a drop of glue to stop the disc from rotating on the shaft.
  4. Thank you for the advice :) I have never opened the wheel before and not
    sure if i want to try it :p Maybe i will make more issues for my self :/ But on the other
    hand, i dont have any choices do i ? :/
  5. If your warranty has expired, and I guess it has with a G25, you don't really lose anything by opening it.

    Try asking in the hardware section, maybe they will have more ideas.

    I too thought it was a wheel issue immediately. Do you have any other games to try?
  6. I don´t know how handy you are, but it is really not that hard to do. I´m pretty sure there are some instructions/videos floating around how to open the wheel up.