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Wheel Spin Test

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Chris Partridge, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Been having a bit of a debate with someone on the pCARS forum about the alleged low-speed spin issue (they're saying they are unrecoverable, I don't think they are) and created this video to illustrate my point. Thought I'd share here too. Car is the McLaren of course.

    Top trace shows Wheel Spin Front [Skid] (green) and Wheel Spin Rear [Slip] (blue)...middle trace is steering input angle and bottom is lateral G. Ignore technique, it's deliberately slow :)

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  2. the Mclaren is dead easy to catch slides in :)
    You can get some pretty crazy angles with the car and still manage to not crash it.
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  3. Yes -- even I can catch them!
  4. Well, since it's mid-engine multiple opposite locks or flicks will be unrecoverable sooner or later. So if you catch a slide but then actually want in the direction you were sliding towards, it will be quite twitchy. But for race cars even fast S corners won't induce that kind of problem, unless you mess up the first part of the "S". Of course in theory you can induce the same forces just by steering or other issues, so it's nice to the see the actual forces in the video :)

    It's one of the reasons why in mid-engine supercars (road cars) we see so many things in terms of technology, brake steer on the McLaren, advanced E-Diffs on the Ferraris and so on which can counter that, at least on higher settings.

    Not forget the forward motion (not just G-forces as it will show quite neutral unless braking or accelerating), so in that video it should be retainable like that. I think in sims one interesting part is how quick you actually have to countersteer, and how much you can stay on throttle. That's not easy to get right and IMHO also why one think a car isn't that hard to drive and for another guy it's much less intuitive, even when they are actually talking about the same car and similar driving techniques but differently applied.
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