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Wheel settings - pc

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Martin Larsen, May 1, 2013.

  1. Hi, how do you change wheel settings on wrc3 for pc?... When I goes to wheel settings than it just jumps on to Force Feedback Intensity and thats all I get to change.

    And I cant drive the way its now, the car dont even turn almost in game when I have full turn.
  2. The best time to change wheel settings is after you enter the game for the first time,...unless you install the new patch.
    Go to the wheel settings menu and all the selections should work. If you try to do it while in game it's hit or miss.
  3. but the problem is to get the patch..I have download version(digital) and it stands:
    [PC] WRC3_Patch 1.0.1 Digital Version
    Windows PC® (Digital Download) consult directly the purchasing website

    And on the place where I bought it, there is no patch. Why cant they just realese in on the WRC game pagde...
  4. I feel your pain as I am in the same boat as I purchased my digital version from Greenman and the patch does not install.
    It is beyond me why there is a different patch to the PC DVD version :(
  5. So for me the game is unplayable.. Since there is no way that im gona play it on the keyboard. Hate car games with keyboard
  6. After selecting play, at the main menu select F1 then Control Options, then F2. You can make all initial changes to wheel settings there. Once you start a race, you MAY be able to adjust the wheel settings, but it's hit or miss. Make sure your wheel is straight before making changes :)