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Wheel settings for FSR 2011

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by lukapeklaj, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Hi.

    I'm new to this mood.
    I have some trouble finding the right setup for my wheel. Using Logitech g25 and Leo plugin.
    Any ideas what should the degree of wheel rotation and than steering lock on the car be.
    I know that this settings are quite personal taste. But as i'm new to FSR and i'm having trouble getting it right for me.
    At the moment i think that 445 degrees rotation with 20 degrees steering lock and 330 wheel rotation and 12 steering lock works for me. That 445-20 looks really close to the real f1. And i use that atm but i'm trying different things.
    Please share some toughs about this with me. Or what works for you.

  2. 270 degrees and 10-ish lock.

    I don't think the Leo plugin works properly with this Mod, I don't use it.
  3. Out of curiosity; what sort of a "secret" could FFB settings SERIOUSLY be? :p Help a brother!
  4. Nothing special. Just try different settings by yourself, and use the values that you like, that's all.
  5. Yeah.. inspired from this thread I did some testing with Leo´s FFB mod and the tuner program. Must say it is not bad at all!
  6. I personally spent hours tuning Leo's FFB together with Real Feel FFB and then separately! I finally decided to keep Real Feel plugin alone! Just a matter of feeling! ;)

  7. Question...
    I'm new either and when you say you
    don't use LeaFFB I'm asking me,
    if you use another "tool"?

    I have rFactor since 2 Days just for FSR
    so would be nice if someone could help me
    with the FFB. =)
  8. Dont forget to put the same wheel rotation from profiler in your controller.ini else your wheel ingame doesnt turns same amount :)

    Good Luck
  9. No plugins just the oldschool way ! :)
  10. No, I use pretty much the default settings with some personal preferences.
  11. Okay thanks for the answer,
    cause at first I tried to change the settings just in the Game
    and then I found this Thread and I thought
    it is necessary to use some kind of FFB tool,
    otherwise you couldn't hold the pace of the "big guys" =P
  12. If anyone would like to try my wheel settings:

    Logitech G25
    Wheel degrees of rotation: 445°
    Overall Effects Strength 100%
    Spring Effect Strength 0%
    Damper Effect Strength 0%

    Pedals reported as...
    Don't use combined if possible. In combined mode, both pedals are reported as one axis :thumbsup:.In separate mode, each pedal is reported as a separate axis (Z axis for accelerate and R axis for brake). So we need separate :)

    In game

    Controls settings:

    Force feedback
    Force feedback effects: medium
    Force feedback strength: -90%
    Steering force: -53%
    Steering damper sat: 0%
    Steering damper: 35%
    Jolt magnitude: 50%

    Controller 1
    all 50% only my brake pedal is set to 15%. You can change % and look at the differences at the left where the picture of the wheel is with all axis. This 15% means that the brake pedal is more sensitive more at max position. Or how should i explain. Look what happens when you change % :) Set it as you like if not sure leave it on 50% i guess.

    Car setup: Steering lock 15/16°

    and I use LeoFFB plug in for force feed back.

    LeoFFB settings:

    Open ...rFactor\plugins and open LeoFFB.ini with notepad

    Delete all and paste this: save after done ofc :)

    15.0 Front Wheel lock angle, degrees (max deflection to one side from straight on)
    0.707 Front wheel distance to centerline (half the front wheel track) in metres, from .pm file
    1.65 Front axle distance to body reference point (about half the wheel base) in metres, from .pm file
    7 Relative strength of FFB effects
    12.0 Aligning moment curve shape / feeling of tyre losing grip. Lower numbers are duller, range 1.0 .. 10
    0.2 Negative aligning moment parameter for high slip angles, range 0.0 ... 1.0
    22 Slip angle where aligning moment reverses direction - typically between 8 and 15 degrees
    0.00 Caster (dimetionless)
    0.0 Camber ratio (not degrees!)
    2 Road bumps feeling on the wheel
    8500.0 maximum FFB force for stationary and low speed effects
    8 stiffness of stationary wheels
    3 wheel rubber hardness (1..5)
    9 how quickly static forces drop off when rolling

    Accurate pneumatic trail and stationary tyre forces simulation
    These default settings were tested on default rFactor BMW Formula 1
    (c)2007 Leo Bodnar
    This software is for end users only.
    Use, bundling or referenceing by hardware manufacturers is prohibited.

    --------end of LeoFFB--------------- :)

    This are all of my wheel settings. Hope that works for you. If not don't use them.
    If anyone have any idea or suggestions, or what you have different that works for you, etc., please let us know.
  13. Wow, 22 slip angle seems quite high, high values here are usually for touring cars (but around 15). With FSR 2011 the exact value is 10.375 according to the physic files. The aligning moment curve shape seems quite high too, the tire loss effect should be too much exagerated I think.
  14. David can you post your leo ffb settings pls ? Ty.