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Wheel settings documentation

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Leonardo Ratafiá, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Aristotelis hi Aris, please work on the documentation for the wheels setting, like logitech profiler's, fanatec, t500... suggested ffb setting According what you Think or feels closer to reality. I have friends who tried nkpro without any setting in the logitech profiler and just thought nkpro sucks because of something wrong setup within the game. The usual simracer knows how to setup the logitech profiler or the fanatec wheel, etc but the more explained and documented it's better. I still think iracing sucks because i can't setup the wheel properly, or maybe it's just iracing sucks at giving good wheel response
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  2. Totally agree ! this is one of the most important issues for users (together with the quality of IA)
  3. With default settings, I still think Netkar Pro has the best force feedback on the market, and by far. As far as I am concerned, if it's anything close to it, I'll be happy.
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  4. Just some general "rules" apply in whatever sim ur playing:
    Ur wheel shouldnt be clipping,its very important cause u may drive and cant understand some of the effects.Some sims have a clipping indicator(netkar,iracing).
    Theres no point putting maximum forces in ur wheel.FFB is there for a reason,give u feedback of what the car is doing.Strong ffbs,shaking wheels(if wheels cant handle it),theres no point.

    (for example)
    In logitech u put 101% in strength forces so u are sure that ur wheel will give u all the effects possible.Now,ingame u change the strentgh of effects according to clip indicator(if theres one),if not then my advice is be gentle with strengths.

    At first i was playing netkar with much ffb without knowing all that stuff,i was kinda blind.Then i learned the clip indicator and my g25 became much much lighter from what i was playing.First thought was like O_O(ffb was too soft!),but it was lack of knowledge,after some time that i used it,i cant go back cause g25 simple cant handle it.

    Its very important understanding what a sim produces in the effects of its ffb and driving with that info,rather than seeing a shaking wheel without knowing why is it shaking!

    Now more on topic,
    Leonardo Ratafiá Imo,if someone wants to search for something,he will search it,cause for example in netkar the ffb isnt so much dificult to figure in general(even without the detail of cliping).The clipping thing and all that stuff are for people that searching details.The general racer that wants to fire up a sim and have some fun wont search what settings should he put and details.
    In general u get a feeling of what an ffb is doing.Clipping is for details.So these guys if the felt that ffb in netkar sucked,then probably fixing the clipping will still suck for them.My thought is that they want an ffb thats shakes their wheel.When they understand that ffb is there to give u feedback for what the car is doing they will reconsider netkar's.
    Knowledge is the key,everyday we learn something new :)

    And yes,maybe a basic documentation for ffb is better than from nothing..
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  5. I've learned something new today too. Thanks Vaggelis! I notices the ffb indicator in the bottom left (grey rectangle) before but didn't realise the value of tuning it! Looking forward to having a play with this tonight on my csr :)
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  6. i'm just suggesting in general, for example, when enduracers released the endurance series mod, they give a full readme with the wheel settings specific for this mod to work well
  7. Yes Leonardo i agree but in rfactor things were diferent.The "original" ffb didnt gave u for example much the feeling of tyres but when real feel plugin released things were better(or even leo ffb).So after that,all modders should provide ffb values so we can put in the real feel plugin for their mods.

    Here if AC's ffb is good and noone makes another one(better) then theres no point to provide ffb values for the spesific mod cause AC will handle it as all cars or mods.If AC's ffb works good life will be easy :)
    Ah! another one reason for us to have good ffb :p

    (netkar has clipping indicator so i guess AC will do also,so a documentation incuding this would be good for newcomers)
  8. I think I remember reading somewhere that Stefano was kinda surprised to hear all that fuss about FFB. He said the actual FFB are only a couple lines of code, nothing fancy at all... I could be wrong but I don't think that we will see anything FFB related like the rfactor mods (thanks Kunos ;))...

    We all know how good the FFB for netkarPRO/FVA is and when I drove AC at gamescon you knew right away that this is a Kunos sim :cool:
  9. Hi Dennis. Can you comment some more on the feel of the FFB in AC? Was it anything like NKP or FVA?
  10. Well it is always difficult to explain or compare FFB. It is a feeling and everyone likes something else. But let me try... for AC it is probably a mix both, netkarPRO and FVA, infact the best of both. You have that really nice feeling in low speed corners, it feels connected to the road which is really awesome (like netkarPRO) and the highspeed stuff from FVA. The kunos guys are probably smiling if this isn't true but is kinda felt like that for the couple laps I drove it :laugh: I guess if you like the FFB in netkarPRO and/or FVA you will like AC very much, it feels great.

    But again gamescon isn't really the place to test a sim, it is loud, people are everywhere, you are not used the equipment and you only get a couple laps...;) So I really can't wait to give it a try at home with my PC and wheel to get a real feeling for it.
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  11. Thats all what i wanted to know :thumbsup:

    Now mine body is ready too :)
  12. T500 - 56% of force in configurator. This is the maximum linear output,