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Wheel selection issue

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Dav1n46, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Hi ORSM, I am having a problem with selecting the correct wheels for your mod. I can buy them and install them fine in the "lobby" for all the cars, but when I load a track all the wheels have reverted back to the stock 5 spoke rims. This is for an add on pack for myself with the 2009 skins.
  2. Ok do u make sure that u don't dis select anything else just keep it on that selection?
  3. Yeah I make sure. I have found a work around. I make that car have its own upgrades ini file and I delete all the options of wheels that I do not want. Works :)

  4. When you buy and install a upgrade it only stays on the car your using at the time. This isn't unique to this mod. They're all the same in this respect. To get the wheel to become a standard or default you'll need to do the Upgrades ini for each 2009 team. You can then set the exhaust outlet type and with the VE the model. 2009 you want the VE not the VE 2. You'll also need to set the veh files for all the cars to look for the teams upgrades ini.

    Example; 09_FPR_Upgrades

    In the veh file;
  5. Awesome. Thanks for your help :)