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Wheel recommendations

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by nikh, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere, but which wheel would you all recommend for budgets ranging from cheap to money no object? Just wheels, not rigs.
  2. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    Logitech G25/G27 if you are looking for normal money, reliability and solid FFB (most of the time).
    I then switched to Fanatec CSW V1 and enjoyed it very much (more then logitech) since with no HW issues at all, others may have different experiences.

    If i had to buy a new wheel today, I would browse the fanatic store first.
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  3. Cheap, but with good FFB: Logitech Driving Force GT. Pedals are less good; brake pedal can be improved by using the foam golf ball mod.
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  4. G27
  5. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    T500RS offers the best package for a decent price, G27 if you want to go "cheap", what Andi said if you are willing to spend a lot.
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  6. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    Money IS an object so I can't comment on the wheels that fit that target. Over the years I have had a Logitech DFGT, Fanatec CSR w/Elite pedals, and now a Thrustmaster TX with TP3A pedals and TH8A shifter (7 gears + reverse). Hands down I like my TX setup the best.
    If on a budget, the Logitech G27 (6 gears + reverse) would be a good buy. I never owned one but have played some on a friends rig. For me I don't like the lack of or low FFB at center and noise/chatter but the G27 is a workhorse.
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  7. What exactly is the golf ball mod?
  8. yeah, if I knew I was going to be this hooked when I first bought a wheel, I would have spent more and went with a fanatec, but the g27 from amazon, free shipping for $190 was just to good of a price, imo.
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  9. I think it's... this
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  10. Yep we all started somewhere :unsure:
    We started with a logitech pro force feed back:unsure:
    Next to a G27 wow that thing was good for the money:)
    Now we have had the T500rs for two years and its awesome we got the F1 wheel and th8 shifter.:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    Its well worth the extra $$$ if you can
  11. mate, i have and still do race with a old driving force ex (made for gt3) which i picked up for 30 nz bucks, I have thoroughly enjoyed over 120 hours of r3e . the wheel has fun (if laggy) ffb and only 180* rotation but its all you need to have fun.

    being fast on the other hand might need a larger budget(I don't know I'm not fast).
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  12. I have got a Fanatec CSR, a Thrustmaster TX and CSP V2. Both wheels are good, but I prefer the CSR because the rim is bigger, thicker and I like the fact, that I can quick adjust the settings on the wheel, no software needed. For me it's not the wheel that matteres in most cases, it's the pedals. Having the CSP with load cell and completly made of metal, I can't imagine driving with anything else.
    Looking at the value you get for your money, I think it's Fanatec again what you should choose. Thrustmaster T500RS = 390 EUR, Thrustmaster TX + T3PA = 370 EUR and Fanatec CSR + Elite Pedals (load cell technology)+ Shifter Pack = 360 EUR.
  13. Thanks everyone for your input. I already have the DFGT and find it...Adequate. Unfortunately I can`t stretch to the exotic delights of Thrustmaster or Fanatec wheels. So my next (and last) question.
    In my position, would you
    a) Keep the DFGT and add those rather tasty looking CSR Elite pedals, aiming for a wheel upgrade later?
    b) buy a G27?
    I don`t know how much better the G27 wheel and FFB is compared to the the DFGT, but I do know that the CSR pedals are infinitely better than the DFGT ones.
    Help me decide oh oracles of race dept, as Christmas is looming :O_o:
  14. DFGT owner here. I have bought CSR Elite pedals a month ago. VERY happy with them.
    Never used a G27, so I don't know if it's better. The DFGT has only one FFB motor so it is a bit weaker than the G27, but I read some people complain about a FFB deadzone at the center with the G27 due to the dual motor design. The DFGT does not have this problem (I never noticed it anyway).
  15. Connor Caple

    Connor Caple
    Slowest Racer in Town...

    I would honestly say that, if you can find one in a sale, you should grab a G27 before they go completely out of stock everywhere since Logitech are not making them any more. They have metal, helical gearing and their main competition (which is a little more expensive) has plastic innards that may not stand the test of time.

    My G25 has lasted 5 years so far and I'm hoping to grab a G27 in the New Year in a sale somewhere and (after testing it) keep it in its box for when my G25 eventually dies! :thumbsup:
  16. Looks like a G27 then. Thanks :)
  17. Jyri Kettunen

    Jyri Kettunen
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    As a G27 owner I would recommend DFGT + CSR Elite pedals. No need to mod the pedals then.
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  18. I would definitively go for better pedals. Especially pedals with a loadcell. It makes a huge difference in feel and gives you much more brake control.
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  19. +1 from me, Frank... I would go for the pedals too!
  20. Oh no, now I`m more confused than ever :O_o:; although It`s slightly easier to sneak new pedals into the house than an entire wheel set ;)
    Also, with a 4-1 vote in favour of the pedals, the pedals have it. Yay. Roll on pay day
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