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Wheel Question

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Todd Garner, May 24, 2011.

  1. Good morning gents.
    I have a quick question for you.

    Is anyone here using any of the Fanatec wheels with iRacing?
    I am just curious how their belt drive feels in comparison to the Logitech wheels, especially the DFGT which is what I am using right now.

  2. I'm using a Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel in iRacing and a load of other racing games and it works just fine. Its smoother FF than my G25 for force feedback, I've not tried a G27. I bought it mainly because I needed a quality wheel that worked on the three platforms I game on - PC, PS3 and 360. I have the Clubsport pedals from Fanatec also and they are by far the best pedals I have ever owned and I've owned many wheels since I started racing sims on the PC starting with the Thrustmaster T1.
  3. Thanks Kevin!
    Sorry to ask here as I know there is a hardware forum too but since this question was kind of specific to iRacing I didnt think the admins would mind :)

    As for the question. My main problem with the Logitech DFGT is that the FFB seems kind of gritty to me. I dont know any better way to explain it. Maybe notchy? I thought maybe a wheel that was belt driven might have more of the feel I am looking for but wasnt sure.

    I love the size of my DFGT but in all honesty I think the FFB was better with my old DF Pro and if i wasnt so used to the size of the wheel now I would switch back to my old on. Ahhh its always something! :)

    The Club Sport pedals are no doubt on my list of things to get no matter what wheel I end up sticking with. That new Porsche GT3 v2 sure looks inviting...
  4. You still get a bit of a notch feel with the Fanatec, it's not absolutely smooth but having owned quite a few FF wheels and used many more like the DFGT I'd say it's an improvement. I also forgot to say that the H pattern shifter is much better compared to the G25 I had in my opinion. I don't miss gears like I did on the G25 as it's gate is easy to move quickly through.
  5. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Being a owner of both the G27 and DFGT i can tell you DFGT is a great wheel except for pedal feel. as for overall steering performance it is comparable to my 27. There are some people here running Clubsport pedals with their DFGT and i want to look into that more.I wouldn't mind a set for my DFGT. Hang on to your DF and maybe look into the Clubsport modification.
  6. Great information all. Thank you!
    I am going to play with my ffb settings as well. I just kind have always followed the leader and went with maxed out ffb in windows and everything else 0 but I am going to play with that a little bit and see if I can take the edge off of the feeling and still feel what I need to feel.

    Thanks again everyone
  7. When you say "maxed out" in windows, do you mean 100% or higher?

    I definitely feel 100% and everything else on 0 is the way to go. It feels great to me. 100x better than the DFP, and quite frankly better than the G25 imo.

    The Belt driven wheels feel too smooth for my liking. I always feel like they are lacking in the fine details that I get from the DFGT.

    Until I can afford a really high end wheel I'll stick to the DFGT. I'm not impressed with any of the other sub £400 wheels.
  8. Yes sorry what I meant by maxed out is 107% which is what I see most people recommending for the DFGT in iRacing to eliminate at play in the wheel at center. And dont get me wrong its not that I dont like what I feel in the DFGT it just seems more notchy or gritty then my DFP wheel does but that could be because it new also and that will subside once it gets broken in. I have never driven with a G25 or G27 so I have no idea what they feel like but I am sure I will stick with the DFGT until later on if I decide to try the belt driven wheels.
    When you say until you can afford a high end wheel. What wheels are you talking about? I am curious what other wheels are out there that are high end and recommended.