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Wheel Power Supply

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jan Roman, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Hello simracers,

    I recieved my "new" second-hand wheel without AC adapter. It's Logitech MOMO Racing Force and the official resources say that 24V 0.75A is required. I don't have it, but I found 24V 1A. Because I don't know anything about electronics, my question is - will it work? I don't want to destroy my wheel's hardware.

    Thank you very much and apologize for such a dumb question.

    Jan Roman
  2. As always, you do everything at your own risk, but yes that should be fine :) Make sure you get the polarity right on the connector ;)
  3. Hi Jan

    This will be fine as far as the current rating is concerned, the one that you have is higher at 1Amp. Assuming that the DC connector on the end is also the correct size i.e. it fits, then you should check that the output on the connector is the correct polarity. The Positive (+) side will usually go to the centre pin but this isn't always the case. On the label on your power supply you may see a symbol comprising a line going into a semi-circular arc. The line will then be marked with a + or a - sign; this will indicate the polarity of the centre pin.

    If you need any more help come back to us.
  4. Just to be sure: My AC adapter has OUTPUT: 24V = 1.0A (= represents a line and a dashed line, this probably represents Direct current), OUTPUT POWER MAX 24W. Then there's an illustration - A circle with a plus inside, which goes INSIDE of the middle circle. Circle with the minus in the middle is on the right and it goes AROUND the dot connected to plus. So I think it should work, but it's a bit expensive piece of hardware so better safe than sorry. The attributes look almost the same like on Logitech website, there's just 0.25 amp outpu more.
  5. You're good to go. I have just checked a couple of Logitech power supplies I have here and they both have a similar symbol as on yours. They have small filled circle with a line coming from it to a circle with a plus sign in the middle i.e. Positive to the centre pin, and around the outside of the small filled circle is a larger outer circle with a line coming from it to a circle with a minus sign in the middle i.e Negative to the outer barrel of the connector.
    Being a higher capacity psu it should run a little cooler than the Logitech original.
  6. I have tried it and fortunately, it works seamlessly. I asked my relative who is electrician and he told me it'll be perfectly fine. And it works like charm, so no problem here! Thank you all for your help, I really appreciate it.