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Wheel Plate + Quick Release Connection: How to?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Gary Jibb, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Hey Everyone, Merry Christmas too.

    I broke down and added a small button plate to my wheel. I'm wondering how people connect the wiring while still being able to use the quick release.
    I've seen the XM/XF (or XLR, or whatever the cables meant to be called) cable through the center, but that's not how my QR works. I've seen the 1/4 inch headphone jack thing with the springy cable too. Is there a way to run wires though the springy cable or would I have to find the springy cable with enough wires for me to wire the wheel up properly? I have 2 buttons right now, but I don't think I would ever put more than 4 (maybe 6) on, but than again I wasn't going to put on any in the first place.
    I would just like some extra input, and opinions, on how to wire it up to allow the cabling to be able to make the complete rotation of the wheel, without a ton of wiring just piling up and getting in the way.
    I've been looking around the past 2 days online to see what other people have, but examples seemed to be few and far between to spark my imagination.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. What wheel are you using? Problem with a QR system is exactly what you were talking about with running the cables through the hub itself. I did some research into this myself for my system and i ended up just doing a quick release and using a curly usb to my SLI-Pro. If you really want the functional QR i believe the ARC team has one that is self contained with the sparco adapter and no wires but the price tag on it was enough for me to deal with the curle cable XD In my case i have a G27 and a Custom F1 style wheel made by Charlie Visser over at simracnwheels.com I put a QR hub on the motor and my wheel but i lost the origional G27 rim with its buttons for my custom wheel.
  3. I ended up running the wires through the g25 unit and using 2 9v battery connectors to go to the wheel buttons. There's a picture in the Show your cockpit thread.