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wheel or other

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Denis Wainwright, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. as i am new to car racing games ie Christmas, ( last used about 30 years ago ) help required in getting faster times and being more competitive. i have all assists on and using automatic gears. from past experience and reading the threads on here, the sooner i go to a manual box the better. but. there is the problem g25 etc i am now getting on a bit. i am not likely to get another car racing game and i don't want to / or rather cannot use pedals. so the question is the same as on previous threads but with a difference. can you just use a wheel with flaps and can the other buttons operate the throttle and brakes I am on a pc.or would i be better off with a game pad. any and all replies would be appreciated
  2. If you really want to use the wheel just for controlling your car.. and to throttle and brake with buttons.. you are probably better off with a gamepad..
    but mind you, if u were to use the pedals, you could get rid of TCS and that would give you better lap times (once you are used to it)..
    answering your question.. yes could can assign buttons on the steering to accelerate and brake..
  3. thanks for a quick reply, to be honest with you being disabled, pedals are not an option, its either reconfigure a wheel for brakes and throttle or a game pad and i have no experience with either
  4. im sorry..
    mate i suggest you play with a gamepad.. it surely does work fine.. its just a matter of practice..
  5. Don't use buttons for the gas/brake pedal as it gives you no variance. It's 0% or 100% throttle/brake and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the problem with that. I would suggest waiting until you get pedals and in the meantime just use a controller.
  6. Being disabled does limit your wheel use :D so I suggest a pad, 360 pad for pc is the best I have used so far and what I am currently using, The triggers are analogue (progressive input) which you need in this game for throttle, so that will be the best bet for you dtwainwright as it is all at your finger tip's.

    As soon as you get used to driving with the pad I suggest turning all aids off and hit that learning curve fast as possible, you WILL get angry, you WILL get disappointed, you WILL get frustrated and you WILL get through it and look back at yourself and think 'I was such a Pillock' lol (personal experience :D)
  7. Who are you calling disabled?
  8. dtwainwright said he cant use pedals because he is disabled read up ^^^^
  9. and maybe i will chip in with a few pointers of countering the loss of traction..
  10. thanks for all replies , all appreciated
  11. I actually find braking with triggers very and I mean very subpar, I actually use my other stick for acc/del although it makes it extremely diffuclt to fether throttle that way, but braking on triggers is very annoying plus the xbox drivers dont support the triggers properly and XBCD is a pain as you have to force test mode which requires a ton of ram.
  12. I am PC with 360 controller so dont have those issues, now I use no aids I find I rarely use the brake with full pressure and also find braking with the trigger okay and can apply small amounts of pressure to the brakes I also use the other trigger for throttle and have no problem with progressive accel or feathering.
  13. yeah, i was gonna throw in a wise crack b/c my gamertag is "iOnlyGotOneArm".
  14. i love it when people dont read the whole post, and just bang a answer in,,,,, im sure Dtwainwright you can get a good quality pad with a throttle control.

    not sure this helps
  15. A little bit out of order i think Justin m8, we are here to help people not make fun of.
  16. I think he meant I was having a joke with his game tag being iOnlyGotOneArm, I think you may have your wire's crossed Chris :D
  17. maybe, im getting more and more fustrated regarding this dds plugin, i still cannot figure it out. done everything the rd department says, and still nothing.

  18. Chris save yourself the hassle and go Gimp mate I can't fault it at all. And it has so many plugins HD texturing is now possible with it due to the new G'MIC.
  19. Chris, gimp is the way to go.. David, ur a jack of all trade I see...
  20. Sorry to hear that.

    I'd strongly recommend an Xbox 360 pad if you're going down the gamepad route - you can use the shoulder triggers for braking and accelerating as they're analogue, whereas buttons would be just full brake or full throttle which would make the car impossible to control. Also, if you're on PC, the 360 pad is sort of the PC's only 'official' gamepad (nearly every game out there will support it and many come with Xbox 360 control icons as standard).

    If you really do want a wheel - and this is just throwing it out there to the other guys - wouldn't there be a way to pick up a cheaper wheel/pedal set that comes with paddles on the wheel and set the paddles to accelerate/brake? Then you could use one of the wheel's face buttons for gear up/gear down.