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Wheel not detected CSW v2

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by marts30, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Having issues with the game detecting my wheel (Fanatec CSWv2). Pedals work fine (CSPv2) and the wheel is detecting fine in the software + other games, but nothing when I try and set it up in GSCE.

    Any ideas?

  2. Fabio Rodrigues

    Fabio Rodrigues
    Reiza Studios Community Manager

    Hello, one of the current issues with the game, that hopefully will be fixed now that we have the source code, is that there is a 3-device limit. So if you have other devices plugged in, such as a gamepad or joystick, they might be blocking your wheel from being recognized. If that's the case, please unplug those devices and see if the wheel works. If it still doesn't work, or if you don't have anything else plugged in, let me know :)
  3. Thanks, unplugged my xb1 controller now it works :)
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  4. Hi. I have the same issue and can only play the game when I unplug my two DSD button boxes and my Renovatio sim dashboard. I hope you fix the issue soon. Thanks.