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Wheel much better than Controller ?

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by OGKurvZ, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Hi I have been playing f1 2013 with a X Box Controller , but was thinking if using a wheel would gain me much , somewhere in my Loft I have a Logitech GT wheel and Pedals , at least that's what I think its called haven't used it in years , but now starting to enjoy Racing again , ..
    I gave up on codemasters after giving F1 2010 a good outing , and then I tried 2011 , just didn't quite hit the mark for me , but my mate bought me Grid 2 and I liked that , so I gave 2013 a go and I love it :) .

    Don't play on-line just do the odd AI race time attack and now the Racenet events as I really liked the Grid 2 Global challenge ..
    Looking also maybe for some buddies whom are into the Racenet events to help push me along , cheers Kurvz
  2. In terms of how much faster you will be i can't really put it into numbers, i only play with a wheel (back in 2010 i struggled to keep the car straight with a controller at a friends house, but he could drive reasonably, i'm much faster than him with a wheel).

    In terms of enjoyment however... let's say i wouldn't play racing games anymore without a wheel, once you get a taste there's no going back imo.

    A wheel is expensive, so think things through... but if racing is a genre you will be playing a lot i recommend it;)
  3. cool I do have the Driving Force GT wheel , but its somewhere in my Loft , but I don't wanna go searching for it if my Xbox Controller is doing the job as good , I had the wheel before the Controller , but Cant remember the change when I decided to use the controller , because the wheel was in my way all the time and I wasnt playing most days , ill search for it when Im off next week from work , thanks
  4. I raced someone on GSC who was faster than me with a pad, and I have a G27 - and I'm not really a slouch. It all depends how fast you are with a pad already.

    But even if I know I'd be 2 seconds faster with a pad, nothing can replace the fun and immersion of a wheel and pedals on racing sims.
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  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    ^^ That!!

    There isnt any noticeable speed difference but we are simulating a motorsport here and as long as real drivers are not racing with a pad I won't be either.
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  6. Cheers for the replies , Ive dug it out , and it still works , done a few laps on the weeks Racenet event (Brands hatch) and I'm getting used to it as soon as I beat my Controller lap time , Ill give it a good test on Spa as thats my most raced track so much better indicator , if I cant beat my Spa Controller lap ill be amazed , Kurvz