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Wheel lag problems with G27...now fixed.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Dustin Withers, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Not sure if anyone else has had a wheel lag issue, but I figure I would make this thread just in case.

    When I first started playing the game it seemed fine. But a few exits/restarts of the game and it completely muffed up.

    I made a video showing what I mean:

    I had to unplug my G27 and load up the game with only the keyboard as a controller. After I restarted it again with my G27 plugged in it worked great, other than a HUGE deadzone with my wheel, even though the settings were at 0%. I changed Saturation to 10% and the deadzone went away. I have instant feedback now and full steering range in-line with my hand movements.

    I have no other controllers plugged in, just fyi.
  2. Sweet setup, Dustin. Thanks for the tip, if it happens to me I'll know what to do. I hope it doesn't become a regular hassle though.
  3. That is exactly what I was noticing when i played it with my g25, have to give ur solution a try when I get home. Thanks
  4. It's even simpler if your using a custom setup like me - make sure Over-ride input device type is set to steering wheel to get rid of the lag.
  5. Hrc


    I have the same problem and this dont repair it..
  6. Apparently on the codemasters forums, the temp fix to this is to go to the options and override to "steering wheel".
  7. Thanks for the tip, worked for me
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    What worked for me is assign the axis movements (left, right, throttle, brake). Works great after that.

    Still unbelievable that the second most popular steering wheel (after the G25) is not properly tested.
  9. Excellent thanks for this Bram :D that worked for me it's much better now - but still pulls weird in some corners with the FFB, may have to fine tune things a bit more.

  10. Yep i don't care how hyped up CM bring to F1 2012, im boycotting it, this great is great and amazing to drive.... but why is this experienced team in motor racing making such silly mistakes?

    A Major headache for it's fans to keep assigning and using different techniques for the game to even work, im sure we would have rather had the game postponed for them to fix these silly issues, lesson learnt? i think not!

    I just wish the RFactor Team made a true F1 Game.... now that would be epic.
  11. Lol, you should try having a clunky 10 yo wheel like mine, I had to re-write the xml file, they missed out

    Engine mapping,
    Tyre selection,
    Exit out of instant replay,

    Essentials ^^

    & a few other bits as well, look left, look right (not essential I rarely use them)

    Edit. LMAO at that video, especially when you let go of the wheel...

    I'm just wondering, if you only used 186 degrees of rotation (more like the wheel in the game does) would you still have the same problem.
  12. I have the same problem with the wheel pulling in corners. I set the graphics on DX9 instead of DX11 and it soved my problem. Not ideal but a workaround until I find a better fix
  13. Awesome thank you so much... that has completly fixed the issue!! :D
    I would have never thought to try DX9 and I had removed the CD from the computer and was not playing it anymore until I read your post and thought I would give this a go as a last resort.

    Like I said in another thread, this is a big fail from CM, how can they miss these small obvious bugs, do they just play with game pads during testing... anyway thanks again for this fix.
  14. CD is back out and on the shelf until a patch is released!
    Seems I have to go in a change DX version go out change it again and then go back in again :-(
    Don't know why it's just me and a few others with this problem, but very frustrating when all you want to do is play the game.
  15. taq


    Dustin, when you mean instant feedback you mean the in-game wheel turns at exactly (or within 50ms or less) of the time your actual wheel turns? I tried all the above workarounds but I just can't seem to get my DFP to react like it does in every other racing game I've played. And it's not just visual really.

    I've set it to 270 degrees (had to do it via the global device settings as the per-profile settings in the Logitech Profiler don't seem to work) which seems to correspond to the in-game lock-to-lock rotation, tried default settings, override settings, unplugging, replugging, etc but it still doesn't feel or look snappy, there's always this tiny moment of hesitation especially in quick corrections. For what it's worth I've also set the audio driver to software as some people said that might cause input lag.
  16. Yes, I do mean the wheel and car in the game "instantly" react to my hand movements and look/feel like they are moving exactly with my input. I can take a vid tonight to show what I mean.

    I have my wheel set to 300 degrees in logitech profiler.
  17. Force Feedback (FFB) lag with G27


    So after thinking that my problems were all setup, I poured over this http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2011-game/64695-logitech-g27-settings-5.html and tried all sorts of permutations. I now think I have a good setup for responsiveness without a deadzone (care of Mark Shilling's post on page-11)

    HOWEVER, the feedback is all over the place. I'll start a time trial lap at Spa and the feedback is just plain weird. I drive over curbs and get no feedback, turn corners and the wheel is loose, drive along the straight and the wheel will suddenly force right then left. Towards the end of the lap at the slow chicane, all the car wants to do is turn right - I have to apply pressure to keep the wheel straight (letting go and the wheel spins right) - it does this irrespective of whether I'm going on curbs, grass or track. Then I speed up and the FFB all disappears then applies on again trying to take me left and right.

    What does seem to work is crashing - I get instant vibration.

    I've tried it with all aids on and some off - no change

    I'm not sure if it is lag or "me", I normally race iRacing with my G27 - but my son wanted something a little less simulator like and so I bought this; I am beginning to think I wasted 29.99GBP

    I just expect the feedback to be there and consistent with varying amounts of force depending on whether I am cornering fast or slow.

    <edit> I have vsync turned off

    So two questions
    1. Does anyone know a solution to this?
    2. If I want to change the Logitech Profiler settings, do I need to exit the game each time I make a change - or is it dynamic (it does not appear to be!)?

    Thanks, hopefully

  18. FPS limiter solved that kind of problem for me, try for example Bandicam and lock FPS to 58, then the FFB will work and no left and right forcing. I had exact problem as you, and it apperantly was due to too high FPS, over 60 and I get the same as you describe.
  19. Hi thanks for the reply - but what is Bandicam?

    Also, I probably have very high FPS as I have an ATI 6970 and i7 quad core 2600K ... how do I see FPS in the game?

  20. Just download "FRAPS" and start it and you can see your FPS, with that spec you probably have over 60 FPS. Bandicam is a program that I know you can cap the fps to what you want, download it and set the fps to what you want, I chose 58FPS and the FFB works perfect, without FPS limiter(over 60FPS) loose and steer right and left randomly.