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Wheel help

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TravisJLM, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. TravisJLM


    Hi, just wondering if I could get some help on a problem I've had with my wheel. It's a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience. I'm using it on PC. In short, I've managed to get it pretty much working (after struggling with the driver disc not being detected, I found a driver online). One slight problem. Everything works but the brake pedal. Everything is brand new from Amazon, I got it for my birthday on the 5th September. Is it faulty or am I just missing something? Surely it doesn't make sense for the throttle to be detected just fine but the brake not to work at all, not even in any calibration or configuration...

    If I could get some confirmation on this I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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  2. Michael Johnston

    Michael Johnston

    hmm this is interesting. I have this exact wheel at home and when I use mine it seems to work fine. I can't seem to think of a solution, sorry :(
  3. Georg Siebert

    Georg Siebert

    Hi Travis, welcome to our forum.
    This sounds like a manufacturing error, send it back to amazon and contact customer support of Thurstmaster.
  4. ohioracer


    combine axis in your profile settings? unchecked and still does not work? good luck.