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Wheel Color

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by David Hester, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Has anyone figured out if you change the wheel color of the trucks?
  2. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    I had hoped it possible, in the genstring. After a couple of attempts, I read the "readme" among the templates. Its not possible in that way. I took the gold (gol) tex's out of the mas file, renamed them black (blk) then stuck them in a truck folder, this worked. Luck more than good judgement, though.
  3. That'll change all black rims to gold for the entire field once you get on track, though it'll appear to work for just one truck in the spinner because of the way files are loaded into gfx memory.

    Rim colours can be somewhat customised via the gens but not all truck brands have the same options available to them due to the number of additional unique meshes which would have been required. Custom Skanes can have rim colours that any of the Skanes do by changing the gen string as appropriate. If you get it wrong you'll get an error in the menu and the truck won't load, though :p

    I'll put a list of "valid" rim colours for each brand together in a bit.
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  4. Thank you very much
  5. The VWs, Ivecos and Mannheims all currently only have black rims available. The others have some variants to choose from. The steering wheels are also customisable in the same way, FYI. The Genstrings are 8 characters, split up as follows:

    Brand ID (2) - Team bodywork variant ID (2) - Steering wheel variant ID (1) - rim colour ID (3)

    The list below is valid wheel/rim variants per brand. The bracketed numbers are which truck each variant is associated with in the default trucks, for reference.

    Brand - valid wheel variant IDs - valid rim colour IDs

    Iveco - A (#2, #88), B (#50) - BLK

    Mannheim - E - BLK

    Mannheim L-Series (#83) - F - BLK

    Volvo - G (#11, #14), H (#32, #55) - BLS (#11), CTR (#14), BLK (#32, #55)

    Skane - C (#12, #51), D (#10, #15), G (#20) - BLK (#12, #51), GOL (#10, #15), BLB (#20)

    VW - I (#4), J (#7), K (#8, #9, #77) - BLK

    FC - L - BLR (#43), BLL (#70), BLU (#72)

    Essentially what this means is, for example, you can have gold rims on any custom Skane, but not on the others. And this follows for any variant that isn't black.

    The reason this info isn't in the readme is that I didn't want to make things any more complicated than necessary. Because of the number of variants it can get confusing quite quickly if you're not entirely comfortable with genstrings :p
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