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Wheel Build - RBR Based

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Craig Johnston, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. After cracking the rim of my old DFGT from a bash I was playing with the idea of buying a new wheel to replace it with until I came across this thread - http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/homemade-f1-wheel.58646/

    I was pretty surprised with the results and having just acquired a dremel tool myself I figured why not give it a go?

    The wheel is based on the amalgam RB8 model but for simplicity I decided to leave out the thumb rotaries for the time being. I'm also looking to build a self contained paddle shift & clutch system to fit to the rear. (Shifters shouldn't be a problem but I need to play with the HE Sensors a little when they arrive to see if they'll be suitable)

    From the photos of the wheel and using some approximate sizes I used Sketchup to produce a template for the facia. rb8 template.jpg
    From there it was just a case of sticking it down on my ply sheet and cutting it out.


    After that I moved onto the grips. These were done by layering sheets of craft foam to a width I was comfortable with then sanding them to a comfortable shape using a sanding drum.


    Applied 3M carbon vinyl & test fitted the push buttons (After pulling all the yellow paper off)


    And that brings us up to its current state. Still to do;

    Fit rotary encoders & produce artwork
    Plasti-dip rubber coating to the grips (flame red ala Toro Rosso)
    Make the plastic surrounds to the Neutral & Pit buttons (Possibly the matt black faceplates)
    Cut and fit the wheel back
    Cut & mount gear and clutch paddles

    For the guts I am planning on wiring it up to one of Leo Bodnar's 0836a boards. Not quite up to the standards of some of the full carbon fibre monsters on here, but hopefully it will end up in some sort of respectable state by the end :ninja:

    Any suggestions/feedback is encouraged but keep it clean :laugh:
  2. Nice job i'll follow your progress as a wheel builder as well :p
  3. If everything goes well, would you consider making more and selling them?

    Looks great already.
  4. Nice, I'm very curious how the plasty dip is working for you. How do you apply it, and how 'shapeable' is it?
  5. Remydio, thanks, seeing your thread and William's Ferrari replica thread really whet my appetite for this sort of thing. I was originally going to try the wet lay carbon kits to form the wheel but chickened out :laugh: Maybe next time if this one goes well :p

    zGSP Not sure I'd trust my abilities with the dremel to stamp out a consistent product for sale, but would be happy to provide any info I can should you wish to have a go yourself. Bare in mind my knowledge and experience with this stuff is almost none existent so I'm just learning as I go along (to the point I'm not even sure my buttons will work when I eventually get round to hooking up the bodnar controller :laugh: )

    William, I'm going to try and get hold of the plasti-dip cans this weekend so I'll do a number of tests and post the results. From what I've read it seems the bulk of the shaping needs to be done with the sub surface and the spray just gives a coat. *Edit* Seems they're out of stock in both red and black so I'll give it a week or so to come back
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  6. Hey Craig, also consider the JC32 here :
    I have used one for my home made button box, I have 26 buttons, and will shortly swap some of them for rotary encoder knobs. It is really esay to use, no soldering, just slot the wires into the slots on the pcb. loads of other useful items too if you decide to include an LED display.

    I have a prorace wheel plate on my G27, but your post is tempting me to try and convert it to an F1 shaped wheel (or maybe pracitce on my old DFGT) :)
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  7. Thanks a lot for the link Keith, I've seen some of the Symprojects stuff around on RD before but for some reason thought they were just displays :p
  8. Any update?

    I'm very curious about the backing plate as I'm creating a wheel and I'm trying to figure out a solid and reliable means to create space for wiring.
  9. Aluminum sheet with spacers? :)
  10. the original width of the size?
  11. I kinda stole your scatch and the idea for the handles and I'm making a wheel :)