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Wheel Advice

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by TheBeast1206, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. I am thinking of replacing my fanatec csr and I am wondering if picking up a used t500 or t300 will be worth it. Is the difference significant enough to warrant an upgrade? I also may possibly wait for the upcoming fanatec csl base. Could anyone advise me?
  2. Yes, as a former owner of all three wheels, I can assure you that either a T300 or T500 will be a nice upgrade over the CSR. The strength and performance of the FFB is night and day different.
  3. which would you say is the better of the two? I've heard that the t500 is stronger but the t300 is more smooth, precise and better.
  4. I prefer the T300 because the FFB is much smoother, very little cogging. It also runs cooler, no doubt at least in part because it has the brushless servo motor. That being said, the T500 is still excellent. You cannot go wrong either way.
  5. thanks for the advice. ill probably be picking the t300 up soon probably in the summer
  6. Metalogic


    BTW if you like the Thrustmaster Leather 28 GT rim (which I do) there is now a package that includes that with the TX base (basically the same as the T300 base, but with XBox One/PC support instead of PS3/PS4/PC support) and T3PA pedals - this is what I'm likely to buy.
  7. just be weary of second hand thrustmaster gear. my secondhand wheel died shortly after receiving it, just outside of it's 1y warranty (in Australia). The supplier replaced it free of charge but with a returned/refurbished unit which so far is working great. lots of reliability issues with t300/tx.
  8. do you know what broke? just so I am aware
  9. something to do with the wheel position sensor? It seemed to get confused and would lose force feedback after the first turn at spa (AC), then come back halfway through the lap. then I tried it in R3E and no ffbg. seemed to work OK in Dirt Rally. Then it wouldn't self calibrate properly upon turning on, would still be recognised in game. Then eventually it wouldn't recognise in game at all and inputs in the thrustmaster control panel wouldn't register anything from the wheel. Early-mid Thrustmaster TX. my replacement is doing ok so far. Will be building an OSW if this fails. If I need another TX, that will be over $1200 worth of TX I've had. If I need to buy one every year (now my warranty has run out), then OSW all the way.
  10. fortyfivekev


    I have the T300 with the alcantara wheel and really enjoying it so far. As mentioned previously there have been some problems with the T300, mostly power supply failures from what I have read, but that is what warranties are for.
  11. I love the T500 with the 458 rim and it has proven quite reliable over the T300/TX.
    Too many 'horror' stories for the T300/TX.
  12. I will probably have to give a used t300 a go if I want a gtx 1080/70. Its that time when all of my gear is getting outdated.