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What's your most frustrating moment in the game?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by RawrRawr, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. I just had a 50% race at Catalunya, using no assists except auto gears against professional AI.
    All went well at first, qualified 1st and stayed in the lead for the start of the race. Then on lap 12 I pitted to change to prime tyres. Overdone my outlap at Turn 12, I lost control of the car and crashed right into the foam board, using Cromiell's realistic damage mod so I lost my front wing and punctured my front left. Pitted once more and came out in 12th place. So then I slowly made my way up until I got to 5th at lap 31. The next lap, my sister started talking to me and distracted me, I forgot to lift off the accelerator at Turn 9 and my rear left clipped into the gravel trap, causing me to spin out into the barrier, ending my race. I crashed on lap 32/33, man am I frustrated.
  2. Yea, women are not allowed in the house while im racing. Experience.
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  3. Tom

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  4. In F1 2010, trailing in the points by two points heading to Abu Dhabi. The lovely track issues and how slow the AI were allowed me in the Caterham to be seconds faster than everybody. Never really had that tense title fight because of that fact.

    This year with rain, I can't say how many times I've started 17th because it just randomly starts raining in Q2.
  5. I was racing 100% race with lotus. All assists off in Australia. I was starting my final lap and into turn 1 i went on grass spining myself into a barrier. On my FINAL lap :( . I hit my wheel and just fall on my bed :D. I was 40 sec ahead of hamilton.
  6. Chris

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    Getting to lap 65 of a Wet catalunya Grand Prix and then spinning and losing a wheel. DNF. No joke, came so close to smashing my computer out of pure rage.
  7. Zen


    Racing in Italy, about to get a lotus 1-2, grojaian behind me, coming round the last corner when he nudges me into the pits, I finish 4th
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  8. Lol.. no surprises there :D
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  9. F1 2011, Singapore, leading the race. I felt comfortable with my setup throughout the track, except for the final turn - the back felt a bit loose (I was in a Caterham, so no wonder ;D). Somewhere around the end of my first stint I could feel my options were almost done, so when I reached this fast left curve my rear tyres let go and I did a 180° spin and... I slid backwards into the pits :roflmao: Oh well, the game ghosted me around and pushed me inside for a tyre change. I was really lucky that I hadn't crashed on anything there and I still had a bit of a gap to the 2nd car, so there wasn't anything else to do, other than just to cool off, focus and keep pushing.
    A few more laps later, with the end of the race closer and closer, my rear prime tyres felt that they'd had just enough and... yup, the same thing :roflmao: Only this time I smashed perpendicularly into the pit entry...
    I never really liked that track anyway and that GP didn't really change that :poop:
  10. This game hasn't been as frustrating for me thankfully, but on 2011 in an online race at Monaco, was driving my heart out leading the field by about 30 seconds, when suddenly my grid position said I was second even though no one overtook me, then the safety car was deployed for a crash and it claimed I overtook in yellow flag conditions as the online game finally realised I was actually in front so I got given a drive through, serve this and then carry on racing normally, catching the guy up in the lead, when another crash deploys the safety car, so I think, if I push I can get close to the guy in 1st and get the pass on him, come flying round the first corner, where I see a very slow moving safety car and I drive straight into the back of it when trying to break before I reached it. Race over.
  11. Well I just got this in Monaco, started to rain in Q2 and Q3 although it said 0% chance of rain. And I crashed again. :mad:
  12. My own personal issue is apart from my inability to keep up in wet conditions is qualifying in Australia. Almost without fail as I go to start my flying lap a car is coming out of the pits. As I enter turn 1 I have no where on track to go and the lap is ruined before it begins. It doesn't help that I'm a bit Maldonado-esque in that I refuse to yield when on a flying lap :p
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  13. Wait. You broke your wing and punctured your front tyre on a foam board? Are you sure that is realistic?
  14. At some starts when i get on very good position then i got a penalty must restart the race but after departure ,no probs
  15. Ask Vettel what a puny styrofoam DRS board can do :roflmao:
  16. Not puncture his tyre that is for sure. He lost an end-plate but I think I remember the commentator mentioning hitting the barrier too. Forgive me I only watched the highlights so I am not sure.
  17. When you are in 4th position with Marussia and engine starts to smoke and you end the race in position 11... :mad:
  18. frustrated? I've made a computer update for this game only. Well, almost... ;)
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  19. Maybe my front wing hit my tyre and punctured it?
    Vettel hit the board only from what I heard, not the barrier.
  20. wait wait wait... wuuut. 4th with marussia hahaha.

    my moment at Canada:
    I modded my loose_part_setting file to 3.0
    So race started..nothing special had my few close moments with the wall.
    Some nice overtaking.
    LAST LAP: 2nd place driving like hell to get Webber (he was going on fighterpilot style) i was gaining on him closer and closer last corner of the race i hitted my front wheel against the wall. Race over

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