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What's Your Best Racing experience on F1 2011

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Danny Witts, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Hi Just wondered what best race people have had on f1 2011

    i was on career with mclaren on melbourne i play 50% races, i qualified 1st half a second in front of second on legend, anyways thinking im gonna burn off into the sunset i lost 3 places on first lap, i was struggling for race pace on my first set of tyres, first pit stop comes along i enter pits in 5th place around 5seconds off the lead, anyways skipping forward to round lap 17 i pit again for my options now i finally had race pace posting fast lap after fast lap i was pushing to the best i can. i was still in fifth but was only 4 seconds of the lead with a few laps left it was really an enjoyable last couple of laps watchin places switch between other drivers n me last lap i managed to gain 2 places n finished 3rd but itwas a really enjoyable race

    i recommend any1 who plays on 20% to up the race distance to 50% it the race alot more interesting and its better because you feel the tyre wear more
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  2. 100% races are definitely better than 50%. In the 50% race, you begin your stint and you drive a very little amount of time before the tires are gone. In the 100% race, it's not like this. You have to make a lot more laps on the same tires. It's a lot better. Endurance is a key too. Not every person can drive 1 hour and a half without pausing. Also the a lot heavier car at the start of the 100% race is challenging to handle. In the 50% race you don't have such heavy car and the start is easier. Try it, you won't regret it. ;)
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  3. ok cheers for that when i get time ill do a 100 per cent race, ill let you no what i think after race but if 50% is brill then 100% will be cool
  4. Winning an online RD race on the Xbox 360 Pro am at Malaysia! only one by about half a second from 2 fast catching cars and spent the whole of the last two laps with my heart in my mouth!!

    It was some 10 months ago now but I still remember it like it was 10 minutes ago. never been too close to anything like that excitement since really! normally frustration with myself lol
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  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    My best experience:

    Career - Legend AI
    100% distance
    Lotus (Renault)

    First Stint (Options): Started 10th, and was battling Schumacher, he was much faster through sector 2, but my speed on the straights was better. Got to the point where we would go down the main straight, Schumacher in front of my, i had DRS, got in front of him, then held my position until the exit of Ascari, at which point i was in the detection zone for DRS, then got him again. This happened for a good 5 laps, at which point I had to pit for fresh rubber.

    Second Stint (Primes): He came in the lap after me, and we were on different strategies, i was on prime, he was on option. I managed to stay with him for the 1st and 3rd sectors, and his tyres gradually began to drop away, and I took advantage of that, then overtook him through the DRS point, and gradually pulled away from him. I choose to come in on lap 35 for another set of primes.

    Third Stint (Primes): He obviously had to pit a few laps later, and went onto primes to the checkered flag. As I rejoined, he was just in front of me, about 0.3 tenths, so i stuck with him, and overtook him in the DRS zone again, banging on the rev limiter (341 km/h). He clawed his way back in in the Lesmo's and got into the DRS zone, and he pipped me. To which i responded the next lap. This continued until the checkered flag, and i took 9th place to his 10th by about 0.2 tenths of a second.

    Anyway, it was one of the truly best battles ive had on this game. Enjoyed every second of it.
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