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Whats your best Freebie?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Matthew Parr, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. As the Title says what's your best Freebie?

    This doesn't include birthdays or Christmas or any other public holiday.

    Mine is a CORBEAU Forza Sport Racing Seat :) And i got this entirely free along with a ticket to go to Goodwood festival of speed.

    This will soon become my racing seat :)

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  2. How'd you get that for free? :O. I can't really think of any freebie I've ever recieved..
  3. Lol one of my mums ex boy friends who we still keep in touh will used to own a shop called 'Hoopers of Bristol', race car suppliers and they had that seat on show. But when they sold the shop he had it in his house and wanted to get rid of so he gave it to me :D lol
  4. Its perfect condition like new with no scaggs or rips in fabric and only thing that's wrong with it is one of the plastic pieces on the side is coming off but that can be glued back on :)

  5. My Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, won from a racing videogame comp (pictures coming up soon after my exam)

  6. Saab 96, but the year was 1974 and i was 1 years old... Yes, my mother fill out the raffle ticket in my name but still i won it..
  7. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Did she hand it out yo you later?
    So did you have any use of it?
  8. had a few freebies over the years, some very nice like a signed copy of a book by Jackie Steward or from my second visit to Gleneagles a shooting school pewter hipflask and also some tacky crap from various sources but perhaps my most used freebie is a little Victorinox Swiss army knife that i got from Ford at the Mondeo launch party in 1993, the Mondeo writing on the side of it is long gone but the knife is still going great and used almost every day :)
  9. Tickets to the World Series by Renault event at Silverstone - apply for them online and they send them to you for free! A full day's racing with full access to the grandstands and paddock for absolutely nothing! :D

  10. No but i'm not bitter. My family was very, very poor around that time so a new car was really a miracle for us. We took a trip to Norway and then my dad changed it for an older and bigger 1973 model 99.. He drove with it until 1998 until things started to look better.. It was as good as new still..

    I've had so much support from them over the years anyway so i think i have got it at least three times:wink2:
  11. A 7900gt graphics card in 2006 when I won a really easy competition. I made a video in less than a day, everyone else submitted a couple of lines of text :D. Bargain.
  12. £200. You can't beat money :D. For winning at Forza2 on (the now defunct) Xleague TV.

    Oh and I got a free copy of FM2 (one day before release, didn't I feel special), for walking some journalists through Forza 2 at Silverstone. That was an awesome day....*sigh*
  13. My granfather gave me a small wind up clock. It's a great alarm for the morning :)