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What's wrong with the glove?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Edonglv, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. I have the steam PC version but somehow there are wrong gloves for career and season challenge mode. Does anyone know why? For example, Ferrari will be pure red. Lotus is even worse, you can see the triangle sign on your glove with no LOGO inside...

    Anyone give me an answer?
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  2. Do you have a screenshot?

    By the way: There's only a steam version
    (even the retail version from the local store needs to be activated on Steam). :)
  3. I dont know if you can see it. Right click and select open in new tab I guess
    As you can see, my glove is pure white!

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  4. I was searching the same like you ,Now try to race a single race with Petrov or Heiki and in my case when I use the original drivers you can see Caterham and GE logos on those gloves and I just wanna khow if that possible copy/paste for those gloves (original drivers) to reemplace the carrer drivers btw ferrari gloves all red its a joke and if you use Felipe or Fernando you see the real gloves , so... how or which files I can reemplace to use the original gloves for real drivers....any tips????
  5. Same thing. Only the quick race has the glove texture.
    I was really surprised nobody at this forum said anything about it
  6. Me too Edonglv I dont see any thread open for this until you comment that ;) but I dont khow how to or which files must be remplaced the gloves to can use the original gloves with logos for the carrer season my Lotus gloves are white and as I telling you before if I use Heiki or Petrov I saw Caterham and GE logos same with all the others gloves , so If anyone can give us a tip to use thos gloves , thats hep us with this request
    Pease??? and thanks ;)