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whats with the tyre sim

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by mattyr40, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. I really dont know what to make of this game! I nearly binned it when i got to Catalunia. But after searching the net i realised it had a few glitches. So i stuck with it and have been falling in and out with it ever since. I have now laernt to drive the car properly with no aids and on legend reaching the point where im comprehensively beating the ai. The only challange left is to turn the trye sim back on ( I turned it off early on because i got fed up of sliding off at the end of races). Anyway iv turned it on and it just seems as though im driving with less steering range and at no point do i get grip levels that i would with trye sim off. Am i missing a trick here
  2. James Chant

    James Chant

    Nope - tyre sim does exactly as advertised.

    You have to manage temperatures and failing grip levels. The better you setup and rive your car, the more your tyres last. Simples really.
  3. Couldnt put it much better the james adequately put it regulates temp and grip levels simples alright
  4. i dont have a problem with the tyres degrading but even when there optimised im about 3 seconds a lap slower than with tyre sim off
  5. I noticed the same thing while restarting my career with Lotus (after installing the xbox patch), it gives a more realistic handling performance for sure. I feel sorry for Jarno and Heiki, these things handle like pigs!!!!
  6. Except the game does not allow us to monitor the tire temperature spread and does not allow us to adjust tire pressures. So some of the most fundamental setup options have been omitted from the game. I know the iRacing folks have been working on a new tire model and it is a very much work in progress complex task they are undertaking. I doubt very much Code Masters comes remotely close to what iRacing does concerning modeling the tires and since F1 2010 is a game to appeal to even the casual simmer, they likely don't need to go down the same road that iRacing is doing. But it would be nice to know that the AI cars have similar performance as the human controlled cars concerning tire and fuel simulation. But from everything I have seen or read here, this is just not the case. :(
  7. Yeah - shame the AI aren't affected by it - no way. At the start of the race, when myself and AI are all on options, I can keep up with them and pass some of them as well - great fun, great game. When my tyres start going off, I can't keep pace with them - so that means that tyre sim is clearly broken for the AI as well as fuel sim. To add to that, they didn't seem to go into the pits when I did to put on Primes - as I had nice fresh tyres, yet they were still running away with it - which means they spent the whole race (100%) on options. It's things like this that are holding the game back from being truly amazing - instead of merely being one that 'rocks'. :wink:
  8. I just did my 100% length race in China using the HRT against Legends AI with tire sim off (fuel sim was also off) and it was a total arcade feel to the race. Most of the race (laps 10ish to 35ish) were raced under very wet conditions and I don't think it was the tire sim being off which effected the AI there since in Qualifying with fuel and tire sims on, I was still one of the fastest while the track was wet (maybe the "RDD True AI" mod had something to do with the slow AI in the wet?), but once the conditions dried up with tire sim off, it was super easy to lap with tons of grip that never went away. Late in the race I was running in 2nd place with 1st place in my sights when I said this was ridiculous and I purposely gave up a bunch of positions to put me back into 6th place (I ended up in 5th place because Button spun in front of me late in the race). I wanted the result in the points for this race to help get a better contract in my next season, but that is the last time I will race with tire sim off. I want to be challenged in the HRT. I want to know scoring points is a possibility, but that I will have to work for them and drive clean. I drove clean, but it was easy to drive when tire sim is turned off. :/
  9. If you turn off tyre sim you basicly get 100% rubbered in track, perfect condition and temperature tyres and probably a small buffer = Absolutely monsterous grip, if you turn off fuel sim your car will be lighter than it is in qualifying throughout the whole race. If you're driving with both off then you're driving a rocket ship. Don't expect a realistic experience in those cases.
  10. With fuel sim turned on, I am handicapped against the AI since they race with empty tanks. With tire sim turned on I am handicapped against the AI since they race with monster grip. I am just trying to find a challenging but fair balance to this game. I don't have that many F1 2010 races under my belt, but so far my experiences are when racing against Legends AI with fuel and tire sim turned on there is a train of cars behind me if I can prevent them from passing and the cars in front of me run away since they lap at their qualifying speeds at the start of the race and I don't have a hope in hell of keeping up to them with a car weighed down with heavy fuel.

    Maybe racing against Legends AI with fuel and tire sim turn on is NOT the way to go, especially in an HRT.
  11. Correct - set it like that for any kids you might have.
  12. Humm.. got the same prb, cant compete with both tire and fuel On, so I was playing legend with tire and fuel Off, but that's too easy sometimes... and the game lose interest.

    Maybe I should try fuel and tire On, and try AI : Pro ... of course, we need slow corner AI mod
  13. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    All in the rate of progression of difficulty.

    I found that the fuel and tyre sim have a big effect.
    Season 2-Lotus I went from Pro to legend AI plus fuel, Tyre, full rules and damage- 50% distance
    In hindsight I should have EITHER ramped up the AI OR ramped down the assists. Doing both at once put me from Podium in avery race to 20th. I do want good racing and to battle for the points.
    So I have kept Legend AI but turned off fuel sim for now.
    Funny though when its tougher you look harder for answers: Setup, tyre/pit strategy, great qualy laps etc.
    When its too easy none of that happens.
    Also so much more fun on 50% than 20%. The race becomes an event - stuff happens. If you are battling for position you can take two laps to set your self up for the catch-pass, very rewarding.
  14. I am racing with fuel sim and tyre wear on all the time.Didn't tryed without them because is not realistic at all.I have more fun with them turned on,maybe is a little harder but even so ai can be beated.One time i got it wrong in Sepang(100% race) when i started on primes and ai were on options,i was losing 1.5sec/lap to button.When i did my pit stop i was already miles away and finished the race 4th,but 3rd place had a huge gap in front of me.
  15. im driving ai on prof en tyre en fuel sim on damage full
    its for me a challenge :D
    when i put tire en fuel sim off its to easy.
  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Tyre and fuel sim on are a must for me. I am not very quick and struggle to beat the ai on pro level let alone legend but it's a great challenge and I love the effect of trying to manage my tyres and judge just when to come in for my stops. The cars do handle like tanks on full fuel at the start of races but it's great to feel them gradually lighten and feel the handling pick up as the race progresses. No fuel or tyre sim on is basically racing in Time Trial mode.. that's fun for trying to beat your fastest times and for the TT competition but too easy for actual racing. Just my opinions of course.
  17. How do you change these settings?
  18. chance the level to custum and put fuel en tyre sim on
  19. I can live without fuel sim, but no tyre sim turns it into an arcade game for me. If Codies can't sort this for F1 2011, then I have some advice for them: leave it out entirely - but tweak it so that it's still a challenge for the player!
  20. I can't find these settings.