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What's up with Interlagos lap times?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Derek Kind, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. JP Montoya's lap record of the Sao Paolo track is 1:11.473. I smashed that with an under 1:09, within my first 5 hotlaps, with almost no previous knowledge of the track and no aids. I'm not a great driver and I take a long time to learn tracks... If I can do this, I know others have gone many, many seconds quicker.

    I understand that faster lap times than in real life should be possible, and I realize F1 2010 isn't a sim anyway, but this is ridiculous, especially since Interlagos is a shorter track.

    Any theories on why this track, and perhaps others I don't know about, are so much faster than in reality? :cool:
  2. Game Bug?
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Please check when JP Montoya drove in F1 for the last time :) The real cars have been severly modified ever since (less downforce etc).

    Don't know if your time is a glitch or not. No clue what other leaderboard times are on this track.
  4. Top xbox leaderboard times for Interlagos are 1.04 or 1.05, significantly quicker than the lap record. During today's FP coverage, Ant Davidson said top qualifying times tomorrow will be 1.11s maybe even 1.10's.
  5. No, it's not a glitch, because I bettered the time by almost a second with some practice. Haven't checked the leaderboard but I've seen high 1:05's on Youtube, which, considering how short the track is, is quite a bit faster than me.

    Cars are slower since Montoya, although his time will be approached this weekend (Vettel did a 1:11.968 in practice today). And to my knowledge Interlagos hasn't been heavily modified going into this year.

    Some of the tracks seem to produce realistic lap times and others (this one, at least) less so. I wonder if that's because of the track or because of the car, or some other factor? I don't mind beating the lap record, but I like to earn it, hehe. :tongue:
  6. I think the human factor comes into this really. When in the game u can push the car to the limits with no fear for ur safety. Where as in real life you might not go as quick as ur body won't let you.

    This was the case in top gear when jerramy clarkson laernt a track on a game but was several seconds slower in real life due to the fear factor.
  7. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Yep. Honda NSX on Laguna seca on GT3 on the PS2. Got nowhere near his time in reality

    1:41 in game, 1:57 in reality

  8. And he was driving the game with a controller. If he had used a wheel he would probably have gone faster in game, make the difference more pronounced.
  9. Real F1 drivers do push to the limit with no fear for their safety (in perfect dry conditions and confidence in their car at least).

    Of course they don't want to die or suffer serious injury but they have to drive fully commited and can't afford to be afraid or their pace will dramatically suffer.
  10. Nico Hulkenberg was certainly pushing the limit today...
  11. The reason why the times are different is because back when Montoya was driving he was using v12 engine cars with traction control and a few other bits but now cars are v8 with no added extras to there cars and the tyres are slimmers which means less traction.
  12. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    This track is a clear exception though ad it wasn't built when the game was programmed. Grip levels and cornerin speeds were all speculation. Also, the leaderboard times in game will be faster in comparison to a lap record as leaderboard times are more like qualifying - higher engine setting, fresh tyres, lap records are no takn from qualifying or you would see much quicker times as the lap record. compared to race pace which is more conservative.
  13. plse bear in mind in TT fuel is off so car is much lighter tyres are optimum heat and track optimum condition every lap, this may giveyou the answer to time discrepencies...
  14. uhh fastest lap past weekend in race was Hamilton with a slowass 1:13.851 !! lol.
    Guess its another F1 2010 bug they didnt notice...the whole game shouldnt have been released like this..dont get me wrong i love it..but its not finished yet??

  15. V12s, i wish :eek: It was V10s in 2004 when he got that lap record.
    The traction in terms of mechanical grip was no where near as good as the drivers enjoy today as the tyres were grooved.

    I never understood that, bring in grooves to reduce traction through corners, then give them traction control. Baffling.

    Montoya's lap was pure power from a BMW engine that i think was about 930 BHP i think that was 50 more than the closest which was McLarens Mercedes engine on 880 BHP.

    The move to V8's really hurt BMW as although in V10s it had masses of power it was very heavy and Williams as well as BMW Sauber struggled to find the offset with the extra weight BMW engines carried with reduced power.

    As for F1 2010 lap times you get a far more accurate lap time from race and qualifying pace than Hot Lapping in time trial.
    I not saying they match real life times but ive found i can only get my times 2-3 seconds faster than the real world as opposed to 6-10 seconds faster on time trial.
  16. James Chant

    James Chant
    Premium Member

    Sorry I had Korea in my head. Must have been tge beer doing tge thinking?!
  17. Its not a bug... Come on guys this isnt that hard, this is a computer game, the tracks were made from a bunch of pictures and blueprints. This isnt meant to be a life accurate simulator. Hell, even the Mclaren simulator gets it wrong, i remember (i think it was gary paffet) talking about the predicted times for the weekend from the simulator, on a BBC 5 live, friday practice interview. The actual times turned out to be quite a few seconds faster than the simulator numbers.

    I dont understand why people can be confused at the fact that they may go faster, or slower in the game than real life, they are two different things, not one in the same. You should take into account that time trial is far far faster than career mode, and if anything it is there you should be comparing your laptimes, time trials gives you impossibly perfect conditions.